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Teas sold in Gui Shi Ming Cha are great for shooting up energy level, and popular with dieters.
From: David Cheng | Published: 2009-02-06 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
From sheepskin lamps to lotus-carved furniture to meditation scripture fittings, Tibetan artifacts are skillfully applied in creating the soothing environment of BaiMaQuMi Spa. Loc...
From: Eric Jin | Published: 2007-12-12 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
Wangshi is a specialty store that only sells honey products. It is well-known in Beijing, with many exclusive outlets. I visited its location in the basement of Anzhen Hualian Plaz...
From: Maggie Cheung | Published: 2007-12-06 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
Founded in the early 15th century, YongAnTang is the quintessential "time-honored" brand. This herbal medicine shop, with a history of over 500 years, certainly lives up to its nam...
From: Eric Jin | Published: 2007-11-27 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
Lao Jun Pai Shu Ya Cha (Lao Jun Hypertension Easing Tea) Franchised Store in Chaoyang district offers a special herbal tea mixes several natural Chinese medicines that help lower ...
From: David Cheng | Published: 2007-11-15 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
Located west to the south gate of Black Bamboo Park (ZiZhuYuan), ZhongShi ChongCaoHang sells a large selection of Chinese Caterpillar Fungi. Now, I know what you're thinking. And I...
From: Eric Jin | Published: 2007-11-05 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
Unlike many other cosmetic brands, Chinfie likes to focus on keeping the prices reasonable for consumers, while still maintain a high level of quality expected from a brand name.
From: Maggie Cheung | Published: 2007-10-30 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
Located on the 1st floor of An'zhen Hualian Plaza, the Stars Club offers many world-famous cosmetic and body-care brands. They feature limited editions of products under several fa...
From: Maggie Cheung | Published: 2007-10-24 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
The herb shop in the Shuang¡¯an shopping mall mainly sells herbs said to be beneficial for health and beauty.
From: Yinlu | Published: 2007-08-26 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs
Herborist is a cosmetic shop. All of the preparations they sell are made of traditional Chinese herbs.
From: Tina Yang | Published: 2007-07-30 | CATEGORY : Chinese herbs

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Shopping in Beijing: Teas sold in Gui Shi Ming Cha are great for shooting up energy level, and popular with dieters.