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Clothes make the woman. Want unique fashionable clothes highlighted with ethnic style? Come to "La Mu, the Lady Upstairs!"
From: Clare Liu | Published: 2009-02-05 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
Products here make for cute presents for nolvelty-seeking people. Even curio-seekers are attracted to the shop.
From: David Cheng | Published: 2008-12-01 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
Embroidery here instantly makes you home look unique.Some fine pieces are considered highly collectible.
From: David Cheng | Published: 2008-11-30 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
At a quiet corner of the 798 Art Zone, where most people don't notice, is an embroidery studio owned by Ms. Zhu Shouzhen. It would not have been a quiet corner, had people passing ...
From: Clare Liu | Published: 2008-09-21 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
Huo Shu Tang offers over 100 types of handicrafts from deep China.
From: David Cheng | Published: 2008-09-10 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
Fabulous Peking Opera make-ups fascinate people from home and abroad. Long Xiu Ge, an embroidery shop in Dong Fang Gu Yuan Art Market, converts this great art into magic embroidery...
From: Clare Liu | Published: 2008-08-15 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
Beijing pictures, himalayan artwork shop
Himalayan, a land full of mystery and long history, captures the souls of many people who have ever or never been there. So I was thrilled to find a shop in Beijing offering handic...
From: Cathryn | Published: 2008-08-13 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
Suzhou Embroidery is one of the four most renowned embroidery techniques in China, dating back over 2000 years. Chi Lin Embroidery, located on Tobacco Pipe Lane, holds an abundance...
From: Clare Liu | Published: 2008-07-29 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
BaZha Tribe in the Drum Tower area carries a wide variety of daily products from Nepal, Pakistan, India, Tibet, and even Russia.
From: David Cheng | Published: 2008-07-23 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting
Sunny Embroidery, a fashionable embroidery shop, is located in 798 Art Zone. Like many other shops in this modern art area, Sunny Embroidery is distinguished with its unique embroi...
From: Clare Liu | Published: 2008-07-10 | CATEGORY : Embroidery, Knitting

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Shopping in Beijing: Clothes make the woman. Want unique fashionable clothes highlighted with ethnic style? Come to "La Mu, the Lady Upstairs!"