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Up Island Coffee Shop, in a Quiet and Graceful Environment

[ From: fiona zhou | Published: 2007-07-30 Views: 3014 | Booked times: 54 ]
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Beijing pictures, Facade-Up Island Coffee Shop Facade-Up Island Coffee Shop

Up Island Coffee Shop serves food and all kinds of drinks. Their menu is written both in Chinese and in English.


The Environment

Up Island Coffee Shop is a chain of coffee shops with a presence in several big cities in China. I visited one of the branches in Beijing. Before the front door, umbrellas, newspapers, and magazines are placed at the disposal of the patrons.


As you walk in, you can see a bar on the right side, and sofas and tables on the left side. Sofas are red and blue, and tables are made of glass. The ceiling is decorated with wood, so is the bar. The background music is graceful, and the whole place creates a comfortable environment.


Food and Drinks

Up Island Coffee shop serves coffee, as well as other beverages, and fast food. You can order meals accompanied with rice (RMB 25-28), noodles (RMB 25-28), salad, soups, etc. For drinks, they serve a wide range of coffee, tea, wine (RMB 88-110/bottle), beer (RMB 20-30), fruit juices and milkshakes. Besides, they offer various flavors of ice creams (RMB 22-28).


The ice creams are served in a nice way. They put little flowers or paper-made umbrellas on the top, and carve the season fruit into a nice shape. Usually, they have watermelons, oranges, apples and pears.


In the Place

As soon as I sat down, a waitress served me a glass of water. A simple gesture very appreciated in the Beijing heat.


I ordered a pork & rice meal (RMB 25). I had to wait a long time to be served. So I dont recommend this coffee shop if you are against the clock. On a good note though, my glass was refilled a couple of times while I was waiting.


Eventually, I got a big tray carrying several small bowls and plates: rice, soup, tofu, deep fried pork, some vegetables, and an egg. The pork was aplenty, so was tofu. I liked the flavor of the egg, and surmise it had been boiled for a long time.


While I was enjoying my lunch, I was served an extra plate fruit salad. The waiter told me that every customer who comes in between 11:30 am and 2 pm is offered a fruit salad. The fruits in my plate were watermelons, pears, and tomatoes.



I was also informed that anyone who carries a membership card can benefit from a 22% discount on fares.


Most of the customers were chatting or discussing business in low voices.


This coffee shop is a comfortable and quiet place.

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