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Back Lake(1) Back Lake Park(2) Bajiao Amusement Park(3)
Baojiao Park(0) Bei Hai Park(2) Beihai Park(54)
Beijing Amusement Park(21) Beijing Ming Dynasty's Rampart Relic Park(4) Beijing Olympic Games Stadiom (under construction)(1)
Beijing park(0) Beijing Sculpture Park(0) Beijing Works'Stadium(1)
Beijing Zhongshan Park(3) Beijing Zoo(9) Black Bamboo Park(4)
Chan Chun Yuan(1) Changpu River Park(5) Changpuhe Park(2)
Chaoyang Park(7) Chinese Ethnic Culture Park(1) Dabao Hotel(1)
Ditan Park(4) Ditan Park (the Temple of Earth)(1) Dongdan Park(1)
Hou Hai Park(1) Houhai Park(5) Hui Cheng Men Park(2)
Jingshan Park(9) Jingshan Park; Baihai Park(1) Jingshan Park; Beihai Park(1)
Lao Shan Fishing Park(0) Lianhuachi Park(10) Liuyin Park(1)
Long Tan Hu Park(0) Longtan Park(56) Lotus Park(10)
Madian Garden(1) Madian Park(16) Qingnianhu Park (the Youth Lake Park)(1)
Rear Lake(0) Rengding Lake Park(5) Rengdinghu Park(5)
Ritan Park(18) Sculpture park(2) Shichahai(3)
Shijingshan Amusement Park(0) Shuangxiu Garden(1) Shuangxiu Park(30)
Sun Park(12) Sun Park(Chaoyang Park)(19) (1)
Tai Yang Gong Park(10) Taoranting Park(2) Temple of Heaven(12)
The Forbidden City(2) the Ming Dynasty's Rampart Park(1) the Palace Museum(3)
the Temple of Heaven(45) the Temple of Moon(1) the Temple of Moon Park(3)
Tian'anmen Square(3) Tiantan Hotel(1) (0)
Tuan Jie Hu Park(19) Tuanjiehu Park(12) (0)
(0) (0) (0)
(0) (0) (0)
(0) (0) (1)
(0) Xinglong Park(0) Xuan Wu Yi Yuan(3)
Yuan Dynasty Park(1) Yuetan Park(4) Yuyantan Park(1)
Yuyuantan Park(17) YuyuanTang Park(1) ZhongShan Park(35)
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Planning on doing some Beijing shopping? Look no further: is a Beijing city guide maintained by real Beijing residents which show you Beijing shopping mall s, Beijing shopping district s, the small shops in the Beijing hutong s, and various shops to go to nearby your hotel in Beijing