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Meat stick shop on a Beijing street
Tian Le Gong Clothing shop in Beijing
The square of Beijing Exhibition
A garden next to Fuxingmen street
Xidan shopping center in red-Beijing
Carrfour supermarket in Beijing
Beijing Capital Gym
Another photo of Tengda building
Yacht of the Purple Bamboo garden
Turret in the northwest of the Forbidden City
Kunming Lake and Yuquan Mountain in Beijing
Ducks in Yuyuan Tan park
Duck shaped yacht and islet
Moat near FengHuangTai Hotel in Beijing, China
Statue about Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Jingshan Back St.
A tower among roofs in Wanshou Temple- Beijing
A clothing market in Beijing
Father and daughter
Bars and restaurants in winter
Gorden Sunshine Club in Beijing
People enjoying their time in a Beijing Park
A people and Autumn in Beijing
A Chinese baby in Beijing
XiDan Department Store in Beijing
Beijing building and statue in China
Beijing street scenery near Qingzhu hotel, China
Bluecherry Ice-cream
Paltatungkar Tibetan shop
A woman exercising and Beijing Red Maple
Beijing Street Scenery in China
Ximeichang Hutong-Beijing, China
Jingshan Back St.
RuJia Inn in Beijing
Redwall Hotel
Friendship Hotel
The Entrance of Red Building
A restaurant called TianChangXuan
two art exhibitions
China Millennium Monument
A Tibetan Accessory Shop
the east gate of Tsinghua University
a lawn in front of the Main Building
Beijing No.1 Tea St
Mian Ai Mian
south gate of Peking Uni
A Beijing street
Si Fang Jie
A beautiful gate of Beijing Lu Xun middle school
The entrance of the Altar to the Sun
Altar of the Earth
People in a Beijing street
Chinese Writers
A trestle in Beijing
A building
A north 2nd ring road
A bridge in Beijing
An ancient door of a house in Beijing
A terminal bus station
A man shooting
Sculpture in a Beijing park
Building of Boardcasting stations in Beijing
Flower Beds in Beijing
Once moat in Beijing
Subway stop in Beijing
A three wheeled bike(Beijing)
North 2nd ring road in Beijing
Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology
Across bridge in Beijing
Beijing Mu Ou Theatre
YongHe Community in Beijing
The Store
Si Fang Jie
Bar Counter
A Booth
Americano Coffee (RMB 15)
Asian Star
Zhuangyuanjidi Congee (RMB 12)
ReZeXX Apparel Shop
Chinese Medicine GuoYiTang Clinic
A overbridge in Beijing
A door of the former residence of Qi Baishi
Street view of Beijing
China International Trade Center in Beijing
Green color along North 3rd ring road
Carital Tower in Beijing
People in Beijing
An advertisement Board in RiTan Plaza
A publishing company in Beijing
Coal Building in Beijing
Olympic Board in Beijing
A Finance Street in Beijing
People playing Pingpong
Gemini Building in Beijing
China Film Association
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Shopping in Beijing's editors roam the streets in Beijing China night and day, and take thousands of Beijing pictures on Beijing shopping mall s, Beijing shopping district s, the small shops in the Beijing hutong s, and various shops to go to nearby your hotel in Beijing!