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A Restaurant
JinZhou Hotel
collecting groups of blood
collecting groups of blood
DianLi Hospital
A bus station
A cake shop
JinBei hotel
A shop in a Beijing street
A common barber haircutting
LiuLiQiao Market
QianYu Hotel
ChengHuangMiao snack
Da Jiang Shan Hotel
Ai Hua Hotel
Zhang Qiu hai Tai Hotel
LianHuaTongBao store
LaoChengYiGuo Hot pot restaurant
The store
JiaQi Coffee Shop in Beijing
ZhongYan Hotel
View of A Beijing Street
Zhong Tie Work Building
JianYin Building
Train Ticket office
Part view
Jin Tie hotel
Da Niang Dumpling shop
Touring Products Market
PuZhengDe Shop
HaiYiXuan Nice Food Plaza
SiChuan style
HaoSen Building
A restaurant in Beijing
HuiXinYuan hotel
Jian She Hotel
DaFang Hotel
JinJiangZhiXing Inn
YangYiGu Hotpot in Beijing
HongKun International Hotel
BaiWan Community
food restaurant and coffee shop
GuanHeng store/supermarket in Beijing
SuYuan JinJiang Building
ShenZhen Hotel in Beijing
Beijing Quanjude Hepingmen Roast Duck Restaurant
Huntun Hou
Shengda Valuable Watch Firm
A Guesthouse in Beijing
Bakemeat shop in Beijing
A restaurant in Beijing
A bike shop in Beijing
HuaQiang supermarket in Beijing
A furniture market in Beijing
Vegetable shop in Beijing
HongJu Club in Beijing
Red House Bar
Ilinoi Furniture & Ornaments Outlet
Natural Color Cross Stitch Shop
Picturesque seneries
The Facade
The shop
Bamboo Books
The store
Jia Jia Roughage Food King
Sugar-coated Haws
Xidan Department Store
A Black Hat for Gals (RMB 39)
Brown signboard of BaGuoBuYi Cuisine Restaurant
7-Eleven Convenience Store
Youmoyouyang, a handmodel shop
Tieguanyin Tea of Zhongguancun
Red Coral Necklace(RMB 425)
One corner of the shop
An obvious sign
Chang An Grand Theatre
4th Floor, Zhenbei Mansion, No.6, Zhushikou East S
Liangzi Foot Massage
The Front Gate of Casa Habana Cigar Club
Mao Le Wu
The Entrance of Dehua Porcelain Outlet.
Archaeological & Tibetan Gift Store
Photos & Names on Plates & Cups
The Facade of Fangquanyuan Coin Service Department
The outer room of the Yunnan Teahouse.
Jingtan Teahouse and Tea Shop
Royal Tea Garden in Beijing
The Thousand Taels of Tea
HuaXiangYuan Tea Shop in Beijing
Ji Pin Tang
Baby Plan
A scene in TianXiaPu
Candlelight Teahouse
Dining Table
Liangzi Foot Massage
Chang An Grand Theatre
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Shopping in Beijing's editors roam the streets in Beijing China night and day, and take thousands of Beijing pictures on Beijing shopping mall s, Beijing shopping district s, the small shops in the Beijing hutong s, and various shops to go to nearby your hotel in Beijing!