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To have your own clay portraits

[ From: Clare Liu | Published: 2008-09-01 Views: 7276 | Booked times: 55 ]
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Beijing pictures, a Clay Portrait of  a Middle-Aged Man a Clay Portrait of a Middle-Aged Man
Beijing pictures, the Lifelike Clay Portraits the Lifelike Clay Portraits
Beijing pictures, Various Clay Sculptures Various Clay Sculptures
Beijing pictures, a Traditional Chinese Painting a Traditional Chinese Painting
Beijing pictures, the Artist the Artist
Beijing pictures, a Painting Featuring Yi People a Painting Featuring Yi People
Beijing pictures, the Oil Paintings the Oil Paintings
Beijing pictures, a Charcoal Drawing a Charcoal Drawing
Beijing pictures, the Shopfront the Shopfront

As a versatile artist, Mr. Wang Hongxiang is good at both sculpturing and various styles of paintings. At his studio on Liu Li Chang street, you can get both a painting of yourself or a clay figure in your likeness. In addition, Mr. Wang offers a large variety of calligraphies, oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, and clay sculptures.

His desks are filled with various clay portraits. They are depicted very vividly, especially the eyes. One figure depicting a middle-aged man really stood out. You can even count his eyebrow hairs.

It doesnt take a long time for Mr. Wang to produce a clay portrait. You just need to sit here for 30 minutes, and your portrait will be complete.

The clay is specially processed. Not being fired in a high temperature, yet the clay sculptures are quite firm.  Each one costs from RMB 100 to RMB 200, depending on the size. 

Mr. Wang's painting works combines the art of oil paintings with that of traditional Chinese paintings. Each one is inscribed with beautiful Chinese calligraphy. If you want a photo painted, but can't visit the shop, you can send your photo by mail. A regular portrait painting costs RMB 500.

What I appreciate:
Fine workmanship

What customers appreciate:
Fine workmanship, reasonable price


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Shopping in Beijing: At Mr. Wang Hongxiang 's studio on Liu Li Chang street, you can get both a painting of yourself or a clay figure in your likeness.