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Original designs on match boxes

[ From: Cathryn | Published: 2008-09-02 Views: 5895 | Booked times: 55 ]
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On my recent visit to Yandai Xiejie, the oldest, famous lane in Beijing, I found a number of antique or handicraft shops. But to my surprise, I also discovered a match shop. Nowadays, we use electronic lighters instead of matches any more. So what can a match shop offer? To find out the secret, I decided to check it out.


The small shop is named Match Quotes. A huge match is keeping guard in front of the shop. As soon as I got into it, I immediately realized that this is a unique, magic world of matches.


The shop owner, Mr. Huang, greeted me, and drew my eyes away from the wide variety of matches. He told me that last year he saw a box of foreign matches, and was deeply attracted by the pattern on it. Suddenly, an idea struck him. He could also design his own match boxes, and add in some traditional Chinese elements. With a degree in Art, he felt confident with his designs. So He carried out his plan and became successful today.


His works consists of mainly three categories: modern designs, historical patterns, and graffiti. Youngsters usually go for the stars like David Beckham. For overseas tourists and collectors, there are Peking opera facial masks, and the red booklets with quotes from Chairman Mao. Actually, his original match boxes have become works of art for collection. When you visit this shop, Im sure you will find the one appealing to you.


What I appreciated

Original designs, catering to your interests


What customers appreciate

Unique designs with traditional Chinese characteristics

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Shopping in Beijing: Match Quotes in the Drum Tower area on the north side of Beijing creates a unique, magic world of matches.