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Mysterious Naxi minority handicrafts

[ From: Cathryn | Published: 2008-09-02 Views: 5283 | Booked times: 63 ]
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If you have a chance to visit Yandai Xiejie, an old lane famous for small antique and handicraft shops, you may find a shop named "Naxi Po Po", only a few steps away from the eastern entrance. "Naxi" is the name of an ethnic minority mainly lives in Lijiang, Yunnan province. "Po Po" means grandma in Chinese. So, the name sounds quite genial.


On my visit there, the characteristic façade of the shop caught my eye. Its name was written both in Chinese and in Dong Ba pictograph, a picture language created by Naxi people over a thousand years ago. It is the only pictograph language still used in use today. With curiosity, I stepped in.


The shop owner, Mr. Yang, greeted me and told me about this shop. He once visited the ancient town of Lijiang, and was fascinated by the unique local handicrafts. He couldnt remove the deep impression from his head. And so he decided to open this shop, and bring the mysterious Naxi culture to Beijing.


Looking around, I found various handmade items on display, such as clothing, bags, tapestries, and lacquer ware. Most of them are decorated with Dong Ba pictograph. These blessings are considered bringing good luck to you and chase away evil spirits.


The colorful bags, called "Tong Pa", are popular with young people. The picture shows a pledge of love between a girl and a lad.


For presents and souvenirs, the beautiful Naxi dolls wearing bright ethnic costume and accessories look very lovely.


What I appreciated

Local handicrafts with Naxi minority features


What customers appreciate

Handicrafts from mysterious Naxi nationality

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Shopping in Beijing: "Naxi Popo", or Granny Naxi, offers a large variety of quintessentially Naxi handicrafts of the namesake ethnic minority living in southern China.