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Care for 100% Leather Handicrafts?

[ From: Maggie Cheung | Published: 2008-03-09 Views: 1695 | Booked times: 60 ]

Brahma Samghrma (٤ֹ) sounds more Indian than Chinese, no? But this shop is a Chinese shop specializing in handmade leather items near Back Lake area.

Beyond the narrow entrance door, a leather smell guides you to a clean sales spot under floor.

The merchandise is mainly shown on two sides: satchels and handbags on left side, tiny handicrafts such as wallets, purses, cell phone and key skins, and cup holders on the right wall. A few new arrivals stand on the central shelves.

Mrs. He, the shop owner, is very proud of her shop, saying all the products created by Samghrma are unique. Literally, there is only one copy of each product in stock.

Browsing through the displays, I noticed that the patterns used on the leather are simple: just a few lines or metal circles to decorate. Like the lotus blossom wallet. The design is hand carved and dyed. So elegant, yet very practical. Made in 100% deer skin, its pretty soft. Mrs. He told me its design was inspired by oriental ink paintings and the beauty of the lotus flower.

I also like the notebook with theme of lovers in a starry night. The original version was dark blue, the color of the skies at night. It was designed by one of Samghrma customers. Another customer found the design lovely, and asked the shop to make the same but in a different color, light yellow. You see, all customers can be artists at Samghrma!

Prices for small leather handicrafts ranged from RMB 15 to RMB 100, and for satchels from RMB 200 to RMB 700.

When our conversation turned to the shop itself, the owner added that they see a lot of repeat business due to the quality of the leathers they select. Like the motto at Samghrma says: We offer not just products, but a way of life.



What I appreciated:

Deer skin satchel, simple design


What customers appreciate:

Pure leather, simple style

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Shopping in Beijing: Brahma Samghrma sounds more Indian than Chinese, no? But this shop is a Chinese shop specializing in handmade leather items near Back Lake area.