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For the best Tieguanyin tea

[ From: Maggie | Published: 2007-09-17 Views: 2350 | Booked times: 55 ]
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Beijing pictures, Tieguanyin Tea of Zhongguancun Tieguanyin Tea of Zhongguancun
Beijing pictures, Tieguanyin Tea of Zhongguancun Tieguanyin Tea of Zhongguancun
Beijing pictures, Tieguanyin Tea of Zhongguancun Tieguanyin Tea of Zhongguancun

Although not well known in the west, Tieguanyin (Iron Avalokitesvara) tea is a household name in China, as one of China's "ten most famous teas". It is renowned for its heavy weight compared to other teas, and its deep, frangrant taste. This tea is produced in Anxi, Fujian Province.


Located near the Friendship Hotel in Haidan District is the AnXi Tieguanyin tea shop. As its name suggest, the shop only sells one kind of tea,Tieguanyin. According to the shop owner, they produced all the teas displayed on shelves. The quality and prices varied greatly from tea to tea, from regular Tieguanyin priced at from RMB 10 per 50g to premium tea priced at RMB 2800 per 50g. The shop owner recommended one particular Jade Tieguanyin tea (RMB 45 for 50g). She said the tea really brings out the fragrance, and had a resonable price. 


In addition to tea, this shop also sells handmade teapots. Ironically, I found that the smaller the teapot, the more expensive it is. But it made sense due to the level of craftsmanship necessary for the smaller pots. Some have picture designs, while others have carved Chinese characters. Most teapots were roughly 5cm high and 8 cm wide, and cost RMB 30 to RMB 100.


Note that the prices at the store are not negotiable. However, they do offer a gift bag for any purchase you make.


What I appreciated:

One-on-One service, good quality


What Customers appreciate:

Great quality, low prices

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Shopping in Beijing: Located near the Friendship Hotel in Haidan District, this tea shop specializes in Tieguanyin (Iron Avalokitesvara) tea. In fact, this store claims as the Exclusive Retailer of TieGuanYin Tea. Tieguan...