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Bei Jing* Tai Bei

[ From: Cathryn | Published: 2008-09-02 Views: 4741 | Booked times: 56 ]
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I would like to introduce you today to the artworks of Taiwan. I found these handicrafts inside a shop called "Beijing* Taibei". The name combines the capital cities of China and Taiwan.

The shop owner, Mr Wang, is a native of Taiwan who has lived in Beijing for over 10 years. As a lover of both Taiwan artworks and Beijing heritage, he opened this shop wishing to promote a communion between them.

The top three famous artworks in the shop are the paper handwork, Glove Puppets, books on the cultural heritage of China.

Mr. Wang first showed me the glove puppets, which everyone in his hometown knows about. These glove puppets follow locals from their childhood. They blend Chinese art forms of sculpturing, drawing, and embroidery.

You may or may not have seen Chinese paper cuttings. Well, Taiwan paper cuttings are different. These are more like statues, and look like figurines rather than paintings. Taiwan paper statues depict much of old Taiwan culture. They even have Do-it-yourself packs for you to make at home.

Prices at Beijing Taibei range from 6 to 1000. And the shop owner can speak a little English.

And one last thing, if you have trouble finding the shop, just look for the playful parrot at the entrance.

What I appreciate:
exquisite silk goods

What customers appreciate:
the glove puppets and the oil painting

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Shopping in Beijing: The top three famous artworks in the shop are the paper handwork, Glove Puppets, books on the cultural heritage of China.