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Baby Plan, a Shop for Mommy, Johnny, and Baby William

[ From: Jason Jia | Published: 2008-07-08 Views: 5465 | Booked times: 61 ]
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Baby Plan specializes in things for mommies, children and newborns.


Dozens of clothes for babies and children are on display, and prices range from RMB 10 to RMB 200. Pregnant womens clothes cost RMB 50 ~ 300 each. The patterns are lovely, and the quality of the finish is good.


Besides clothes, the shop also sells various kinds of baby products, such as Pigeon baby powder   (120g, RMB 16), shampoo, liquid soap, bath, lotion, baby wipes (80 pieces, RMB 15.5).  NUK silicone vented teats (made in Germany) costs RMB 13.5 each. Little containers of Nestle infant cereals (225g) with vegetables, honey, carrot, mung bean, etc. cost between RMB 16.5 and RMB 29. NUK milk bottles cost RMB 24 ~ 36.8. Baby cloth or leather shoes cost RMB 10 ~ 80. Baby caps, RMB 10 ~ 50.


The shop offers discounts of 10~15% to its customers.


What customers appreciate

Special products for mommies, babies and children, good quality, reasonable prices.

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Shopping in Beijing: Baby Plan specializes in things for mommies, children and newborns.