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An Appointment with Paradise

[ From: Maggie Cheung | Published: 2008-02-25 Views: 1608 | Booked times: 59 ]

Located near Back Lake in Beijing, this accessory shop has a beautiful name: ¡°Tiantang Zhi Yue¡±(ÌìÌÃÖ®Ô¼) which means ¡°an appointment with paradise¡±. I was attracted not only by the romantic title, but also by the Tibetan music which floated out to my ears. As I had made up my mind to enter the shop, the owner came out and started to close. Seeing my disappointed face, this hospitable person reopened the shop for me, her unique client at that time!


As I stepped into the shop, I dived in a totally different world immediately. I could not help but think I had arrived in Tibet. The whole place was decorated in Tibetan style, and looked like a Tibetan home. The shop owner is Tibetan, and her family migrated to Beijing 10 years ago. This shop is not only their business, but also a reminder of their home sweet home.


The shop itself is rather large. Its left section is designed as a lobby to rest. It features a bed and a stove. A few religious pictures on the wall. In the back, some burning candles, a big fish bowl, and a few pictures. The merchandise is displayed on the right side: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Overall, a different feeling from other Tibetan shops in Beijing.


The owner confirmed that all their accessories are sourced in Tibet. They are divided into two types: ordinary and rare. I was interested in a slim light blue necklace (RMB 160) made of tiny stones matched with a bigger pendant at the center. It looked elegant and showed its ethnicity. The owner recommended a thick one (RMB 520) decorated with more details and a more attractive pendant. She explained that this kind of pendant had a religious meaning which could protect its owner. Accessories of the ordinary type are mainly made of Tibetan silver, and designed in a simpler way.


In general, prices for the rare accessories range from RMB 20 to RMB 100. The most expensive ones range from RMB 150 to RMB 1000. You can bargain with the shop. They sometimes discount their items directly. The shop owner¡¯s English was rather limited, but her hospitality second to none.


What I appreciated:

A slim light blue necklace


What customers appreciate:

Tibetan style, ethnic groups¡¯ designs

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Shopping in Beijing: Located near Back Lake in Beijing, this accessory shop has a beautiful name "Tiantang Zhi Yue" which means "an appointment with paradise". I was attracted not only by the romantic title, but also by t...