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Wisdom Seed: Well-wishing from distant land

[ From: David Cheng | Published: 2008-09-05 Views: 6762 | Booked times: 58 ]
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As a way to pray for protection, Tibetans engrave scriptures or auspicious signs on slabs known as Marnyi stone. It is rare to see outside Tibet.


But one shop in Beijing offers this item. Residing in the Drum Tower area, the shop is called Wisdom Seeds. They offer all kinds of Marnyi stones. They vary in size, shape, as well as the engravings they bear. There are stones for protection, auspiciousness, good luck, fortune, to name a few.


I pick up a stone; the text on it is in Sanskrit and is tainted with various colors. Prices for range from RMB 30 to RMB 180.


The owner is a Tibetan Buddhism follower. During a pilgrimage to Tibet many years ago, he met a master engraver of Marnyi stone. He learned from the master for many days, and returned to Beijing to open a shop selling Marnyi stones. Now he is a well-known Marnyi stone engraver in Beijing.


He speaks a little English too, so communication shouldnt be a problem.



What I appreciate

Nice Marnyi stones


What customers appreciate

Nice Marnyi stones, welcoming atmosphere

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Shopping in Beijing: One shop in Beijing called Wisdom Seed offers Marnyi stone which is rare to see outside Tibet.