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A Fast Food Restaurant offers Breakfast, Quick Lunch and Take-aways

[ From: fiona zhou | Published: 2007-07-31 Views: 5472 | Booked times: 54 ]
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Beijing pictures, Facade-Yonghe King Restaurant Facade-Yonghe King Restaurant
Beijing pictures, Window display of Yonghe King Restaurant Window display of Yonghe King Restaurant
Beijing pictures, Editor-Fiona's lunch in Yonghe King Restaurant Editor-Fiona's lunch in Yonghe King Restaurant

Yonghe King Restaurant is famous for its fresh-made soya. Its a good choice for breakfast or lunch. You can order take-away as well.


In the Place

Yonghe King Restaurant is a chain of fast food restaurants. Today, I had lunch at the Xiandaicheng Branch of the chain. Going in, I was greeted by the waitresses... Not just by one of them, but by at least 3!


Behing a counter-desk, there is a large menu displayed on the wall. I ordered a complete meal: Yonghe King beef noodles + dumplings + soya. It cost me RMB 19.


I paid, the cashier gave me a ticket. I was wondering where to show this ticket and how to get the food, when a waitress came to me and led me to an empty seat. She took the ticket, and asked me to wait.


As it was lunch time and the restaurant was crowded, I shared a table with two other ladies. Each table has 4 seats around, so I couldnt occupy a table alone. They have more seats upstairs, but most of the customers are just too lazy to go upstairs.


I have to say that the whole operation is very efficient because I waited for less than 3 minutes before me meal arrived. The waitress served me the noodles and the soya first, then after another 2 minutes, I got the dumplings as well.


The fare comes with a big spoon, a pair of chopsticks, and napkins. I liked the soup of the noodle dish. The dumplings were delicious as well, but quantity was just not enough, with only 2 items. The soya was cool and sweet, I enjoyed it.


Other Foods

Yonghe King Restaurant serves all kinds of Chinese-style fast food.


For breakfast, they have meal menus, such as soya + youtiao (a fried long-shaped bread), soya + eggs, wonton soup. Their prices range from RMB 5 to RMB 8.


For lunch, they serve a wide range of fast food fares: noodles (RMB 8-10), dishes accompanied with boiled rice (RMB 10.5-15), soups (RMB 5-8), tea eggs (RMB 1.5), pickled vegetables (RMB 2), dumplings and pies (RMB 5-16).


The most expensive dumplings are the ones made of crab. They cost RMB 16, while the other ones are all less than RMB 8.


There are also 5 complete meals such as the one I ordered. Their prices range RMB 15-19. The latest dish is beef noodles + icy honey & bean pudding, priced at RMB 18.


The drinks offered are mostly made of soya: cool soya (RMB 4), hot soya (RMB 3.5), hot and diet soya (RMB 3.5), hot/cool honey soya (RMB 5). I really appreciated that they serve soya both hot and cold, as peoples needs vary with the weather.


There is also orange juice (RMB 4.5), beer (RMB 8), and Wulong ice tea (RMB 4.5) on the menu.



Yonghe King Restaurant does deliver orders inside the city of Beijing. Such orders must be over RMB 20. For every such order, the restaurant offers you a free cup of hot/cool soya.


Some of the branches 24/7, others stop delivering orders after midnight.


Take-away order tel: 010-88440088

You can also order from their website:

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Shopping in Beijing: Fresh-made Soya for Breakfast, Lunch and Take-aways