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Yongzheng Tailor Shop, Custom-tailoring Expert in Beijing

[ From: Jason Jia | Published: 2008-07-08 Views: 5846 | Booked times: 55 ]

If you want to have a quality and well-fitted suit made to your measures, Yongzheng Tailor Shop may be a good address for you.


The shop

Yongzheng Tailor Shop Beijing Branch is located at No.50, Wang Fu Jing Avenue. With an operating area of 500 square meters, the shop offers an elegant and professional atmosphere to the patrons.


Numerous clothing fabrics are on display, procured from the best manufacturers in Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Japan, and China.


In addition, various European-style dressing accessories for both men and women are proposed to shoppers. I noticed waistbands (sashes) imported from Italy, 100% leather shoes for men, handbags made in Italy, etc.


Yong Zheng also offers its customers a quality dry-cleaning service.


Service style

Yongzheng¡¯s personnel value their customer¡¯s concerns, and try their best to meet their demands with a high level of personal attention and service.


Entering the door, I was immediately greeted by a very polite shop assistant dressed in a neat uniform. She showed me around, and answered all my questions. I learned that many foreigners come to this shop to have their suits made to measure. Such patrons appreciate the kind of individual and professional service Yongzheng offers.


When I left the shop, the assistant sent me off, and courteously expressed her wish that I return soon.


The factory

Yongzheng Clothes Making Co., Ltd has their production base near Tianjin Harbor, the international port in Tianjin¡¯s Economic and Technical Development Zone. A sophisticated information processing system connects all branches, home and abroad. It allows them to transfer your demands and information to the factory.


Yongzheng imported its technology and equipment from Germany, France, Italy, USA and Japan.


In addition, it sends technical personnel abroad regularly to learn advanced technology so that the Men¡¯s and Women¡¯s suits made by Yongzheng meet world-class standards.



The process

1.     Select your fabric. The manufacturing charge is included in the price.

2.     Your measurements are taken.

3.     Your suit is made at the Tianjin factory, and is ready in ten days or so.

4.     Collect your suit at the shop.

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Shopping in Beijing: Yongzheng Tailor Shop Provides Professional and Individual Tailor Service.