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Hanloon Tailor Provides Men with Quality Custom-tailoring Service

[ From: Jason Jia | Published: 2008-07-08 Views: 6549 | Booked times: 54 ]

Hanloon Tailor provides customized service to privileged customers who care about fashion and clothing quality. The shop has been appointed by leading European companies to use their wools: Ermenegildo Zegna, Givenchy, Gianni Versace, Valentino, Dormeuil, etc. Armed with these excellent materials and the Chinese classic clothing tradition, this prestigious tailor from Shanghai creates outstanding suits and clothes for men.


Custom tailoring


Hanloon Tailor imports their fabrics from the most respected mills in the world. The shop offers a comprehensive collection of fabrics. Selection, measurement and fittings are conducted by a master tailor. He also drafts and cuts your suit in person.


Your tailor works in close collaboration with you throughout the entire process. Hanloon Tailor¡¯s stated goal is ¡®to bring you the highest possible satisfaction in custom tailoring experience¡¯.


Each client¡¯s measurements are captured on a paper drafted pattern. The tailors keep this paper pattern together with a record of measurements and styles on file for future re-orders. Any changes in your measurements can be updated accurately with reference to the current paper pattern and records.


The master tailor cuts each garment from a single piece of fabric, ensuring that all stripes or plaids match perfectly at each seam. The pieces of the suit are basted together for the first fitting with white thread. At that time, the customer sees his fabric of choice taking shape as a suit. This is when the tailor and you examine how the suit fits you, and how the project actually fits you. At this stage, alterations can be made as needed and desired.



A suit costs between RMB 4,000 and RMB 60,000.

A shirt costs between RMB 1000 and RMB 6,000.

A suit jacket costs 70% of the suit price.

A pair of trousers costs 30% of the suit price.


The process

a. Choose fabric and pattern;

b. Take measurements, and pay half the price as deposit;

c. Wait 20 days or so;

d. Pick up your suit.


Friendly service

When you enter the shop, the shop assistant greets you at once with a smile, introduces the shop, and answers your questions patiently.

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Shopping in Beijing: Hanloon Tailor Specializes in Quality Custom-tailoring for Men.