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Want a Hand-made Sleeper Made of Genuine Leather?

[ From: Tina Yang | Published: 2007-07-30 Views: 10805 | Booked times: 57 ]
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Beijing pictures, Leather handbags in Herbal Heaven Leather handbags in Herbal Heaven
Beijing pictures, Purses and handbags in Herbal Heaven Purses and handbags in Herbal Heaven
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Beijing pictures, Photo frames in Herbal Heaven Photo frames in Herbal Heaven
Beijing pictures, Leather sleepers in Herbal Heaven Leather sleepers in Herbal Heaven
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Although this store is called Herbal Heaven, it doesnt sell any herbs at all. Most of the products are made of cow leather. Many are hand-made. The name Herbal Heaven comes from the idea of cows eat herb.

The sign on top of the front door is made of wood. It bears 3 Chinese characters: ShiCaoTang, which means Herbal Heaven.

There is a bigger sign above it, written in both Chinese and English.

The shop counts 2 floors.

Decoration-wise, the shelves are black and wooden. This gives a feeling of natural and ancient.

The shop lighting is dim and orange, which lends the articles on display a mysterious look of sorts.

Herbal Heaven carries a large range of bags, made in leather mostly. They are all specially designed. Hundreds of different bags are stowed on the shelves, some of them decorated with metal, some in mixed colors.

The shop only carries 2 to 3 items in a given design. Since the bags are hand-made, there are differences among items in a collection. No need to worry whether someone else could have the same bag as yours!.

I noted two different kinds of leather bags: those with one layer of leather, and those made of two layers. If you prefer your bags soft and light, choose the former. If you like a more sturdy construction, the latter would be perfect.

Other Leather Products
Herbal Heaven also sells leather shoes, vases, dolls, photo frames, bracelets and key rings.

Personally, I liked the photo frames. They look so special and sturdy. A leather photo frame gives a photo a new look. It can also be a nice decoration item on an empty wall. A 7-inch leather frame costs RMB 55. Prices vary as function of size.

Cotton Stuff
Accessorily, Herbal Heaven carries a few items made in cotton: bags, dolls and T-shirts. These are not as special and unique as their leather line, and they are also cheaper.

Here is a sampling of prices:

Big travel bag (RMB 1100): made of one piece of cow leather. The aiguillette is 10cm wide.

Leather purse (RMB 248): enough to fill with one hundred RMB 100 notes, 8 cards and 3 photos. There is also space for coins.

Notebook with leather covers (RMB 85): the sheets inside can be replaced.

A couple of dolls (RMB 188): made in leather, male and female.

Ashtray (RMB 48)


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Shopping in Beijing: Herbal Heaven C A Store from Natural, Offers Hand-made Bags, Purses, Sleepers and Photo Frames, Made of Genuine Leather.