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A Good Salon Uses L'OREAL Brand Products, with Talented, Patient and Responsible Hair Dressers in Beijing

[ From: fiona zhou | Published: 2007-07-30 Views: 5410 | Booked times: 58 ]

I couldnĄŻt get a good hair cut after I came to Beijing. ItĄŻs so hard to find a nice salon with talented designers. IĄŻve tried several place, they kept disappointing me. However, after IĄŻve been to Fashion Palace several days ago, I got back confidence with my hair.

To Enter
Fashion Palace is a LĄŻOREAL Salon located in the AnzhenHualian Shopping Mall. When you take the elevator to the 2nd floor, two girls are usually distributing leaflets for Fashion Palace. If you show interest, they will take you to the Salon which is situated about 100 meters away from the elevator.

ItĄŻs a lovely place, with white walls, wooden floors, and a nice and comfortable sofa just in case when you have to wait. The assistant will hang up your coat on a coat hanger, put your handbag into the locker, and give you the locker key.

There are two different rates for the set of washing, cutting and blowing: RMB 60, and RMB 180. The rate depends on the skills of the designer. If you take a membership card, the RMB 60 service will be offered for RMB 50. The card is free, but you have to leave a deposit of at least RMB 100 on it. I didnĄŻt buy the card, and chose the cheaper service.

I also asked the rates for perm and dye for your information. It costs RMB 400-900 to do a perm on long hair, RMB 200-400 on short hair. ItĄŻs about RMB 500 to dye long hair, and RMB 200 for short hair. The designer said the rates depend on the products used. Although there are all professional products, the hair quality differs from one person to another. Some people may need the more expensive products.

The Service
The shampoo and conditioner used for washing my hair are LĄŻOREAL products. So are the perms and dye products. The staff told me that no other brand names are used in their salon.

The designer who served me was named Dahai. He was very patient: we spent a long time talking about which style would suit me, and it took me a long time to make up my mind.

After I said I didnĄŻt want to damage my hair with any chemical products, he never tried to persuade me to do a perm or dye. I really appreciated this, as so many hair designers like to persuade their customers to do perm or dye so they can make more money. I cannot expect a designer do a good job when he considers his benefit more than his customerĄŻs appearance.

After cutting my hair, he blew it dry carefully and styled it. The styling was totally free. It was a fashion design, straight from the root, curls on the end. After I went back home from Fashion Palace, my friends said that I look so much nicer. I definitely will go back to the Salon.

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