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Paper-cut Art Shop

[ From: David Cheng | Published: 2008-07-23 Views: 4641 | Booked times: 64 ]
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Beijing pictures, A Paper-Cut Shop A Paper-Cut Shop
Beijing pictures, Paper-Cut Art Shop Paper-Cut Art Shop
Beijing pictures, The Shop Owner The Shop Owner
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Beijing pictures, Red Paper-Cut Red Paper-Cut
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Beijing pictures, A Multi-Layer Paper-Cut A Multi-Layer Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Shadow Puppet Paper-Cut Shadow Puppet Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Playing Kids Paper-Cut Playing Kids Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Bodhisttava Paper-Cut Bodhisttava Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Chubby Baby Paper-Cut Chubby Baby Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Opera Figure Paper-Cut Opera Figure Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, A Lute Playing Paper-Cut A Lute Playing Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Yi Woman Paper-Cut Yi Woman Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Daybreak Reading Daybreak Reading
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Beijing pictures, Chinese Zodiac Paper-Cut Chinese Zodiac Paper-Cut
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Beijing pictures, A Noval Story Paper-Cut A Noval Story Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Fish Paper-Cut Fish Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Princesses Paper-Cut Princesses Paper-Cut
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Beijing pictures, Flute Playing Flute Playing
Beijing pictures, A Fair Paper-Cut A Fair Paper-Cut
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Beijing pictures, Paper-Cuts Paper-Cuts
Beijing pictures, Opera Figure Opera Figure
Beijing pictures, Spotted Deer and Red-Crowned Crane Spotted Deer and Red-Crowned Crane
Beijing pictures, Dragon and Phoenix Dragon and Phoenix
Beijing pictures, Baby and Fish Baby and Fish
Beijing pictures, Birds and flowers Birds and flowers
Beijing pictures, Goats Goats
Beijing pictures, Fu -- Happiness Fu -- Happiness
Beijing pictures, Landscape Paper-Cut Landscape Paper-Cut
Beijing pictures, Fan Fan
Beijing pictures, Fan Fan

Paper-cutting, an ancient form of art that uses scissors and paper to cut into all kinds of themes,  has been around since ancient times.


Zi Yi Xuan, a Paper-cutting shop next to the Forbidden City, offers a large selection of paper-cutting works in the center of Beijing. They make paper cuttings of all sorts of themes, including shadow puppets, peacocks, playing children, opera figures, and court ladies.


Mr. Li, the owner, said one of the most popular items is the set of 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, believed to bring happiness and success to their owner. The works look lively, and the animals seem to pop out from the paper. The set sells around RMB 900.


I also picked up a colorful fish paper-cutting commonly seen during the Chinese spring festivals. People use them to adorn their doors and windows during Spring Festival. The fish express their wishes for more wealth. It sells only for RMB 25.


Other popular themes include historical tales, auspicious animals, and daily life scenes. I even found some Fuwa mascots for the Olympics.


Mr. Li speaks a little English. Communication should not be a problem.



What I appreciate

Beautiful works

What customers appreciate

Beautiful works and quality service

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Shopping in Beijing: Zi Yi Xuan, a Paper-cutting shop next to the Forbidden City, offers a large selection of paper-cutting works in the center of Beijing.