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Zaoyuan Artifact Shop Boasts Old Porcelain and a Traditional Courtyard

[ From: Jason Jia | Published: 2008-07-08 Views: 2437 | Booked times: 54 ]

Located at No. 2, Zhuzhong Alley, Xicheng District, Beijing, Zaoyuan Artifact Shop features old porcelain and a lovely traditional courtyard. As I was passing by the shop, it attracted my attention immediately just like a magnet to an iron.


Façade of the shop

The entrance door is painted in red. Together with the Chinese paintings painted above, the scene embodies traditional architecture. On the left side, there are two pictures of old porcelain vases; on the right, a blue signboard shows what the shop deals with: quality reproductions of old porcelain, famous painters & calligraphers¡¯ works, and classical furniture. The door is framed with two windows in the shape of Chinese fans.


A lovely courtyard

Passing the door, you will enter a lovely and traditional courtyard which gives the place a special feel. At the center of the courtyard, there¡¯s an old tree. A big birdcage is hanging on one of the branches, and the ground is colored by patches of grass. Several other birdcages lie about, and Chinese lanterns hang from under the eaves. Just opposite the entrance, there is a black plaque with two Chinese characters: Zaoyuan.



In the right wing you¡¯ll find Chinese paintings and calligraphic works.


The left wing specializes in selling quality reproductions of ancient porcelain. The shop assistant introduced that the reproductions here were manufactured by Jingdezhen under the supervision of old specialists from the Forbidden City. And their quantities are limited so as to guarantee their value.


The prices of the ancient porcelains range from RMB 3000 ~ RMB 5000.


A hotel nearby

There is a hotel at hand named Zhuyuan Hotel at where many tourists live. They often stroll around and visit this shop. They¡¯re especially interested in these old porcelains.


What I appreciated

Zaoyuan Artifact Shop is set up and decorated in traditional Chinese architecture. It features a lovely and attractive courtyard. The shop owner and the shop assistants are gentle and polite.

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Shopping in Beijing: Enjoying Old Porcelain and a Traditional Courtyard at Zaoyuan Artifact Shop.