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Bamboo Garden Hotel(1) Beijing Aoya Hotel(1)
Beijing Chongwenmen Hotel(1) Beijing Cui Ming Zhuang Hotel(2)
Beijing De Yuan Hotel(1) Beijing Gulou Hotel(5)
Beijing Hademen Hotel(1) Beijing Huadu Hotel(1)
Beijing Huiqiao Hotel(1) Beijing HWA Hotel(2)
Beijing Inner Mongolia Hotel(4) Beijing International Bamboo and Rattan Tower(1)
Beijing Jilin Mansion(1) Beijing Ning Xia Hotel(1)
Beijing Ningxia Hotel(2) Beijing Qinglan Plaza(2)
Beijing Rainbow Hotel(7) Beijing Rich Hotel(2)
Beijing Shatan Hotel(0) Beijing Tangyue Hotel(2)
Beijing Tuha Petroleum Hotel(1) Beijing Urban Hotel(1)
Beijing Yanjing Hotel(3) Beijing Ziyingge Hotel(2)
Beiren Hotel(2) BoFeiTe Hotel(0)
Chenghong Hotel(1) Chongwenmen Hotel(4)
City Hotel(1) Dabao Hotel(26)
Days Inn Joiest Beijing(14) Dongfang Hotel(11)
Fengle Jingang Hotel(1) Fengzeyuan Hotel(13)
Fu Kai Hotel(1) FuHao Hotel(1)
Golden Era Hotel(2) Goto Modern Hotel(2)
Great Hotel(10) Guang An Hotel(3)
Gulou Hotel(1) GuoAn Hotel(1)
GuoTai Hotel(17) Hademen Hotel(5)
Hagei Hotel(0) Hainan Tower(2)
Harmony Hotel(1) He Ping Li Hotel(4)
Hebei Hotel(3) Hua Zhong Yin Hotel(1)
Huadu Hotel(3) Huafeng Hotel(4)
Huafu International Hotel(1) HuangHe JingDu Grand Hotel(0)
Huawei Hotel(1) Hui Qiao Hotel Beijing(1)
Hujialou Lixing Hotel(24) Ji Lin Mansion(1)
Jia Long Hotel (3)(0) JiaLong Sunny Hotel(3)
Jianguo Hotel Qianmen(4) Jin You Hotel(2)
Jinsanhuan Hotel(1) Jintai Hotel(1)
KangMing Hotel(2) Lanhui Apartment Hotel(6)
Long Wise Hotel(1) Longtan Park(1)
Lv Song Yuan Hotel(5) Novotel Xinqiao Beijing(0)
Oriental Hotel(1) Phoenix Palace Hotel(2)
Ping An Fu Hotel(34) PingAnFu Hotel(3)
Poly Plaza(1) Qinghuayuan Hotel(2)
Qinglan Hotel(2) QingZhu Hotel(4)
Rich Hotel(2) RiTan Hotel(10)
Ru Jia Kuai Jie Hotel(1) Ruyi Hotel(17)
ShanShui Hotel(2) Shindom Hotel(4)
Southern Airlines Hotel(10) Star Hotel(3)
Taiwan Hotel(2) Taoran Garden Hotel(2)
Taoran Hotel(1) Tian Tian Holiday Hotel(2)
Tiantan Hotel(7) Tuhashiyou Hotel(22)
Wan Shou Hotel(2) Wangfujing Grand Hotel(1)
Winterless Hotel(2) WuDaoKou Hotel(2)
Xi Xi You Yi Hotel(1) Xijiao Hotel(11)
Xinxin Hotel(1) Xixi Youyi Hotel(1)
XiXiYouYi Hotel(1) Yanjing Hotel(1)
Yongdingmen Hotel(1) York Hotel Beijing(1)
Yue Xiu Hotel(9) Zhen Da Hotel(1)
Ziyingge Hotel(1)

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Planning on doing some Beijing shopping? Look no further: is a Beijing city guide maintained by real Beijing residents which show you Beijing shopping mall s, Beijing shopping district s, the small shops in the Beijing hutong s, and various shops to go to nearby your hotel in Beijing