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Aihua Hotel(4) Beijing Ai Hua Hotel(1)
Beijing Changchenyuan Hotel(2) Beijing Gulou Hotel(0)
Beijing Huguosi Hotel(6) Beijing Inner Mongolia Hotel(0)
Beijing Jingdu Hotel(1) Beijing Oriental Culture Hotel(0)
Beijing Rainbow Hotel(0) Beijing Rich Hotel(0)
Beijing Shatan Hotel(0) Beijing Sports Hotel(0)
Beijing Urban Hotel(1) Beijing Yuandong Hotel(6)
Beijing Zuo An Men Hotel(1) Beijing Zuo'anmen Hotel(1)
Dongfanggong Hotel(1) Goto Modern Hotel(13)
Gu xiang 20(2) Han Zhen Yuan Hotel(2)
HanGang Hotel(1) Hua Tong Xin Hotel(1)
Hua Xia Hotel(2) HuGuoSi Hotel(11)
Jimen Hotel(9) Jingtai Hotel(1)
Liu He Hotel(1) Liuheyuan Hotel(0)
Liutaiyuan Hotel(0) Minggong Hotel(1)
Shindom Hotel(1) Super 8 Hotel(7)
Super8 Hotel(1) Tangyue Hotel(1)
Tianqi Hotel(2) Tiantan Sport Hotel(2)
Tiantan Sports Hotel(3) Tsinghua Hotel(9)
Workers' Stadium Hotel(1) XiZhiMen Hotel(5)
Yongdingmen Hotel(5) You Hao Hotel(2)
Yuetan Hotel(8) Yutingyuan Hotel(2)
ZhengYiLu Hotel(1)

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Planning on doing some Beijing shopping? Look no further: is a Beijing city guide maintained by real Beijing residents which show you Beijing shopping mall s, Beijing shopping district s, the small shops in the Beijing hutong s, and various shops to go to nearby your hotel in Beijing