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Located within the famous Silk Street Market, Mood UK is an ultra-chic boutique where you can find good-looking party dresses without having to break the bank.

The focal point is the shelf built into the wall, on which are displayed retro-silk handbags (RMB 320) reminiscent of the vintage Shanghai style, and glittery gold leather handbags (RMB 480). Other accessories available include glass and silver jewelry.

The ready-to-wear evening dress selection features a touch of traditional Chinese clothing chic (starting from RMB 1,500), and is designed by the owner, Cindy Ma, who hails from Hong Kong and runs another two Mood UK stores in both Hong Kong and London.

Cindy also custom tailors dresses and handpicks items from a variety of fashion collections from Japan and Korea. She speaks very good English, so just let her know your favorite design: sheˇŻll make your chic dream come true.

What I appreciate

The glittery gold leather handbag

What customers appreciate

The very traditional Chinese clothing and a variety of fashion accessories


Wandering around Athena Xu is like walking inside a private room, with accessories, hats and home furnishings cleverly draped all through the boutique.

All pieces inside are unique, hand-crafted from a variety of materials, including leather, silk, chiffon, and ribbon. The accessories are adorned with glass beads, crystal and pearls to give off their own distinctive feel. You can even create their own design, which Athena Xu then makes according to your specifications.

Prices for hats and scarves start at RMB 165, and jewelry cost ranges from RMB 80 to RMB 735. Although certainly pricier than mass-produced products, such as those at the nearby Yaxiu market, these beautiful pieces provide a unique feel in a world where everything is mass-produced the same way.

What I appreciate

The handmade crystal necklace

What customers appreciate

Various accessories made from great craftsmanship


Located near the middle North 3rd Ring Rd, Yinsha is a Beijing-based accessory shop. They offer various cheap ethnic-designed ornaments using mainly silver 925 and copper. Most of their customers are high school and college students.


The hospitable shop owner showed me around the shop. I saw tiny necklaces and earrings made from silver 925 featured on glass shelves. Whilst larger ornaments made with copper and natural stones are displayed orderly on the wall. The ethnic necklaces hang on the racks at the center.


The shop owner recommended a copper necklace with a butterfly-shaped pendent for me(RMB 30). I really liked the pendant design, with turquoise blue wings on the butterfly.


In general, each necklace in the store has a distinct pattern. And if you have trouble picking out a design, the owner would love to recommend one just right for you. The prices for necklaces range from RMB 30 to RMB 80. Ornamental apparels cost RMB 50 to RMB 300. Items are open to bargain.


What I appreciated:

The butterfly-shaped necklace


What customers appreciate:

Pretty designs at low prices

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Beijing Shopping: Located within the famous Silk Street Market, Mood UK is an ultra-chic boutique where you can find good-looking party dresses without having to break the bank.