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I found a shop specializing in bone china made in central China¡¯s Tangshan, a city famous for porcelain. Their goods can be used not only as tableware for everyday use, but also as fine decorations.


When I went into the shop, I saw that there were many porcelain wares neatly presented throughout the store. This included bowls, plates, vases, and tea sets.


The shop owner, Mr. Zhang, welcomed me and said this is an outlet of a famous bone china manufacturer in Tangshan. He was born there, and he decided to bring Tangshan¡¯s quality local products to Beijing.


He said yak bone is a key material in their products, because it guarantees that their bone china looks very delicate.


I found a seven-piece tea set very intriguing. It has one tea pot and six tea cups. The surface of each item features a snow-white backdrop and blue flower patterns. I found the set so tasteful that I couldn¡¯t help but pick up the pot. It felt extremely exquisite, and much lighter than I imagined. The handle is made of cane, which transfers very little heat.


Some of their plates were also very beautiful. The patterns include beautiful women from Chinese history and wonderful nature scenes. They are very nice indeed.


What I appreciated

Quality, nice bone china


What customers appreciate

Appealing and practical table ware, good ornaments


It doesn¡¯t rain in Beijing very often. But when it does, and when you have to be in the rain, hopefully saying ¡®oops¡¯ is not the only thing you can do.


Weather Forecast

Nobody expects a wet day for traveling or shopping. But it is wise to check your weather forecast in the morning.


If you have to go out on a rainy day, take an umbrella with you. The rain in Beijing seldom gets very heavy, but it lasts long. You may not mind walking in the rain for 10 minutes, but what about being soaked all day long?


What to Wear

Your shoes will definitely get dirty and wet even you have an umbrella, because a lot of roads are muddy and unevenly paved. It is likely you will step into puddles.


Remember Beijing is also dusty, and the red-colored dust will spotmark your shoes. So don¡¯t wear white or light colored shoes. If you do, you may have to do lots of cleaning afterwards.


Besides, make sure you wear a pair of waterproof shoes with thick soles if you want your feet stay warm and dry.


The temperature usually drops 3-5¡ãC when it rains in Beijing. So it would be a good idea to wear a pair of trousers instead of a mini skirt. A coat would be necessary as well.


What If you Don¡¯t Have an Umbrella

Don¡¯t worry if you haven¡¯t got an umbrella with you. Where there is a need, there is a seller. You can find cheap umbrellas priced RMB 10 almost everywhere in a high-traffic street or near the entrances of any subway station. These umbrella peddlers never show up on a sunny day.


There are also expensive umbrellas in big shopping malls if you can¡¯t settle for a cheap one.


The four seasons in Beijing are clearly demarcated from each other.

In the spring, the weather gets warmer very fast. The temperature rises up by 6-9 ¡æ per month. The average temperatures in March and April are 4.5 ¡æ and 13.1 ¡æ respectively.

During springtime, you can feel really warm during the day and very cold in the night, as the temperature difference is 12-14 ¡æ. In February, it¡¯s only a little bit warmer than in the winter, but quite windy. You cannot do without a heavy coat in this month.

In March, you can change to a lighter coat, but you may still need a sweater inside, because the central heating service in buildings will be stopped on March 15th, so it¡¯s not so warm inside.

As it gets warm quickly between March and April, by the end of April, you may start to wear T-shirts, but still need a coat if you go out early in the morning or late in the night.

The dry and windy spring weather lifts dust in the air, and occasionally a sandstorm develops. The 1st time I experienced a sandstorm, I was really shocked by the red colour outside, and I noticed that the lights inside the buildings all turned blue. I could taste the sand and felt there were lots of it inside my mouth, my ears, my nose and my eyes.

The sand is blown everywhere. It looks like it falls down from the sky. It¡¯s bad for your throat and your eyes to go out in this weather. You¡¯d better wear a pair of sunglasses and a scarf on your nose and your mouth.

Summer has been really hot in Beijing these last few years. July is the hottest month. The temperature is above 30¡æ most of the time. It even gets to 37¡æ sometimes. People call it the sauna weather.

There is not much difference between day and night temperatures. People wear very light clothing, and even show a bit of skin in this weather. Most of local people in Beijing don¡¯t wear socks. People with long and thick hair tend to cut it. Most ladies carry an umbrella in their hand bags: it is useful in both sunny and rainy weather.

Fortunately, most of the offices, flats and houses are air-conditioned. Some buses have air conditioning units too, but people ususally prefer to take the subway in this season.

Autumn is cool and nice. It is sunny but not too warm. You can wear light clothes till October. As it gets colder, the day turns shorter as well. The red leaves over the nearby Xiang Mountain are an especially beautiful view. Don¡¯t miss this sightseeing opportunity if you come to Beijing in this season : a ticket for an adult to Xiang Mountain Park only costs RMB 5.

The winter is cold and dry. The monthly average temperature is less than 0¡æ for 3 months from December to February. The temperature inside is kept 15-20¡æ by the heating service company. The sun becomes lazy: it shows up for less than 10 hours between sunrise and sunset.

Shops close earlier than in the summer as well. You could see some snow in Beijing; most of the times though, it melts as soon as it falls.

Although some pretty ladies wear skirts in this season, they need to wear woolen trousers inside, and long and heavy coat outside. People like to drink rice wine to warm themselves up. Hot and spicy food is also popular in this season. As it is so dry in the winter, you may need some hand cream or body lotion to moisturize your skin.


Tree Lang carries all kinds of oils and oil-based cosmetic products. The oils are diluted and fit different types of skins: some target wrinkles, some smooth your skin. Different oils have different functions. For instance, lavender oil is good for relaxing, lemon oil is right for whitening, and tea tree oil offers oil control for your skin.


To clients buying a bottle of oil, the shop offers a booklet explaining how to use the different oils for different functions.


Prices range from RMB 100 to RMB 200


What I appreciate:

Knowledge of product, expert advice


Customers appreciate:

Expert advice


Unlike other jewelry shops, Tangtang Silver Accessories encourages customers to make their jewelry themselves. The shop offers the material (silver at RMB 20/g) and models. When you make a purchase, you have to buy at least 5 grams of metal.


The owner is very friendly. Not only does he teach patrons making silver jewelry, but he also gives them great style suggestions.


You can also engrave your name and birth date on the jewelry you just made.


What I appreciated:

Great idea for a unique gift


Customers appreciate:

Great gift idea


Shurao Hair Accessories carries a wide range of hair accessories at prices of around RMB 100 each.


The sales assistant offers free personal hair design for patrons. I bought a bubble, and she patiently showed me several ways to use the bubble.


What I appreciate:

The shop assistant¡¯s patience


Customers appreciate:

Talented ideas, good knowledge of fashion

Beijing pictures, Shoppers at Pirateship shop

A nice shop where the color green sets the tone. Pirateship offers accessories of an original design. Most products are made of silver and crystal. If you are looking for some stylish and inexpensive gift, Pirateship is a good choice. Patrons will be offered a nice gift bag.

Get some truly unique silver jewels and other Chinese sterling silver jewelry here.


What I appreciated:

Reasonable prices, original designs


Customers appreciate:

Special and unique designs, numerous options

Beijing pictures, Party Girl-a nail salon

Party Girl offers services instead of merchandise. This store takes care of the beauty of both your finger and toe nails. They provide a good quality service at a fairly low price.


A nail job on both hands costs only RMB 10. Toe nails rceive the red carpet treatment for RMB 30. The feet treatment includes feet soaking and scrub as well.


The shop features 4 or 5 soft and comfortable beauty chairs. Patrons can enjoy a good nap while they are soaking their feet.


What I appreciated:

Great service


Customers appreciate:

Great prices, numerous design options

Beijing pictures, Fancy ocarinas in New Vista

New Vista offers ocarinas made in China. Their shapes are fun: some look like a heart, some like cats, a snowman, etc.


Shop assistants can teach you how to play these special musical instruments. It only takes 5 minutes to learn. The sound they make seem to be coming from afar.


Prices range from RMB 15 to RMB 30.


What I appreciated:

Nice sound, great prices


Customers appreciate:

Great designs, the patience of the shop assistants


Love in Snow is a shop carries a comprehensive offer of inexpensive jewelry. Most are made in silver, some are gold plated. The prices are lower than those at similar jewelry stores. All silver earrings are offered at RMB 59. I was informed that customers can even get a slight discount if they bargain a bit.


Earrings are so inexpensive, I wasn¡¯t sure if they were made of pure silver. The shop assistant showed me the silver stamp on the pair I had chosen. I bought them, still slightly doubtful of their silver contents. I have to say they told me the truth: after wearing my earrings a full day, I haven¡¯t noticed any problem. Had the earrings been made of cheap metal, my skin would have reacted badly.


I recommend Love In Snow without a second thought. 

The Miao silver jewels also shouldn't be missed. 


What I appreciated:

Good quality, interesting designs


Customers appreciate:

Great prices

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Beijing Shopping: I found a shop specializing in bone china made in central China's Tangshan, a city famous for porcelain. Their goods can be used not only as tableware for everyday use, but also as fine decorations.