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Beijing pictures, Chang An Grand Theatre

Located on Jianguomennei Avenue, the famous Chang An Grand Theatre combines the classical styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties with modern architectural art. The theatre, which can hold up to 800 spectators, is furnished with elegant mahogany tables, deluxe VIP seats, and comfortable and soft chairs. Classical repertoire is the top priority of the theatre. Its multi-functional stage, advanced sound system and lighting facilities enable the theatre to give various artistic performances.


In most evenings, you can enjoy classical Beijing opera programs here at 7:30 pm. Generally, ticket prices range from RMB 50 to RMB 800. Catering to foreign tourists, the theatre often presents some adapted performances that help them know more about Beijing operas, such as various costumes and make-ups. While staging these performances, the theatre displays both Chinese and English captions simultaneously that help foreign travelers understand the plot and lines. Furthermore, you can buy some facial make-ups, Chinese calligraphy and paintings, audio-visual products at their souvenir shop. And on the second floor, you can take a close look on various types of Beijing opera costumes in showcases.


What I appreciated

Famous theatre, classical repertoire, good location.


What customers appreciate

Agreeable environment, quality Beijing opera performances, English & Chinese captions.


As one of the essences of traditional Chinese culture, Beijing opera ranks at the top among the four main operas (Beijing Opera, Huangmei Opera of Anhui Province, Yue Opera of Zhejiang Province, and Henan) in China. The Experimental Theater of China National Beijing Opera Company offers one of the best places for your opera viewing experience in Beijing.


Beijing Opera was formed 200 years ago in Beijing. Its origin dates back to old local operas, especially Anhui Opera, which was very popular in northern China in the 18th century. Beijing Opera is a comprehensive storytelling that blends singing, narrating, acting, fighting, and dancing. A unique aspect of the Beijing Opera comes from the actorsí» facial make-up, especially their colors.  The color schemes can symbolize the personalities, characteristics, and fates of the roles. The detailed costumes also reflect the type of characters on stage and their roles.


The performances at the Experimental Theater typically start at 7:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ticket prices start at RMB 20, while front seats cost upwards of RMB 120.


Unfortunately, the theater does not offer any help for those who cannot understand Chinese, so a Chinese friend who can interpret the plot to you helps a lot. If that isní»t possible, get the name of the performance beforehand, so someone may be able to tell you the story involved. Even if you cannot understand the story, you may still enjoy the detailed costumes, elegant make-up, intricate footwork, and of course their unique style of singing.


What I appreciated

Traditional Chinese art, renowned Beijing opera troupes.


What customers appreciate

Traditional Beijing opera, famous Beijing opera troupes, the singing.


Built in 1984, Chaoyang Theatre is well-known for staging impressive acrobatic performances. It was appointed as a designated theatre for tourists by the government of Beijing in 1986. In 2001, it was selected as one of the top cultural units in China.


Apart from acrobatics, the theatre also stages Beijing opera performances. English captions on both sides of the stage conveniently describe the action that goes on.


What customers appreciate

Quality of shows; convenient traffic; a window to discover Chinese traditional culture.


Performance schedules

Chinese acrobatics:

5:15 PM ~ 6:15 PM, RMB 200, RMB 380;

7:15 PM ~ 8:30 PM, RMB 180, RMB 280, RMB 380, RMB 580;


Beijing opera:

7:20 PM ~ 8:20 PM, RMB 120, RMB 160, RMB 200 (including snack)

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Beijing Shopping: Located on Jianguomennei Avenue, the famous Chang An Grand Theatre combines the classical styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties with modern architectural art. The theatre, which can hold up to 800 spe...