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XingZhongGuo Kid¡¯s Store offers not only toys from abroad, such as Barbie dolls, Mega blocks, and Lego blocks, but also toys from Shanghai, Guangdong and Beijing, such as cars, guns, etc. Patrons can also find traditional Chinese games in this store. Those goods from inland China are cheaper. Prices range from RMB 100 to RMB 200.


The shop carries kids¡¯ clothes on the 2nd floor. Their selection includes traditional Chinese style clothes. A traditional Chinese kid¡¯s suit costs RMB 100-300.


What I appreciated:

Numerous options


Customers appreciate:

Great prices, traditional Chinese clothing and toys

Beijing pictures, A butterfly blew by the shop assistant in DongFang

DongFangShenBi offers toys for kids. I found magic from two of them.


One is called ¡°magical torch¡±. It is a version of the old Kaleidoscope which has become something of a rarity in toy stores nowadays. When you view an object through the cylinder, the object is turned into hundreds of objects. Optics does the trick, as there are lots of pieces of glass in the cylinder. Most of the magic torches are priced around RMB 15. An inexpensive toy to bring back to your child for hours of entertainment.


The other magic toy of note in the shop is color pens. Instead of drawing pictures, kids can blow pictures with these magic markers. Some pen sets come with a transparent pen which changes the other pen colors. Prices for a set range from RMB 39 to RMB 123.


What I appreciated:

Special toys


Customers appreciate:

Original ideas, great prices

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Beijing Shopping: XingZhongGuo Kid's Store offers not only toys from abroad