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Unique Chinese calligraphy art represents the beauty of painting, dance, and music. Each character is as beautiful and delicate as a flower.

At Mr. Li Feng¡¯s studio, you can watch a calligraphy master create your own personal artwork on the spot.

Mr. Li Feng started to write calligraphy at the age of 7.  After many years of study and practice, he created his own style of calligraphy---- clerical regular script. The calligraphy artwork exhibited in his studio is mainly done in this style.

One artwork with the character ¡°dragon¡± is quite striking. Mr. Li wrote it with only one stroke. Examining this character, you will find it is square on the outside and round inside.

Another piece of art describing scenery is distinguished by the hardness of the characters. The lines look like they¡¯re carved on stone.

Clerical regular script first appeared in China 2000 years ago. Mr. Li Feng is the only calligraphist who writes in this way today.

What I appreciate:
Unique calligraphy done by a famous artist

What customers appreciate:
Chinese calligraphy created on the spot


Last week I visited Chengtian Antique City in the southeast of Beijing. On the 3rd floor, I found a shop that carried antiques, jade jewelry and other kinds of Chinese artworks. They were perfect for decoration.


In the shop, the first thing I saw was a collection of antique porcelain wares, including vases, bowls and plates. Some of them were made in the Qing Dynasty.


The shop owner Mr. Tang greeted me, and showed me a porcelain statue, Empress Dowager Cixi (1835 - 1908), a female ruler of the Qing Dynasty. She sat on a stone bench with a big spot dog. Her lips and nails were painted in red. She was wearing a big black hat and a button-down robe in yellow, red and blue. On the robe were embroidered peonies and butterflies. On the hat were two butterflies surrounding a big peony. In China, peony represents wealth and status.


Mr. Tang also showed me their popular jade jewelry items, including pendants and bracelets. They were white, and looked glossy. Jade symbolizes virtue, and brings good health.


I also found Chinese paintings, calligraphy works, and wood carvings. They are all traditional Chinese artworks.


What I appreciated

Chinese antiques and works of art


What customers appreciate

Chinese antiques and works of art


Recently an artist who is good at sculpture, painting and calligraphy really impressed me. His shop is located at the famous ancient Chinese cultural street. You can find some decorations there that will bring a mysterious, oriental feel to your house.


Once I entered the studio, I found myself breathing a densely artistic air. So many things to see! Clay sculptures on the tables, paintings and calligraphy works on the walls¡­ To my surprise, all of them were created by the shopkeeper, Mr. Wang Hongxiang.


In the course of a short conversation, I learnt Mr. Wang was from a farmer¡¯s family. He became addicted to art when he was a child. His mother spent all her salary in supporting him to learn his craft. After many years of effort, Mr. Wang became an accomplished artist.


He showed me a clay sculpture ¨C a Buddha. The lifelike Buddha looked very attractive. Mr. Wang explained, ¡°I am a Buddhist. This sculpture won¡¯t crack anytime soon, for I created a unique way to make it.¡±


Then he showed me a sketch ¨C the face of an old village woman. The face was tanned and covered with a great many wrinkles, but her eyes were still shining with hope. I was touched by the sight.


Despite all his achievements, Mr. Wang remains humble. In his own reckoning, he will never cease to seek for perfection.


What I appreciated:

Clay sculptures, paintings, calligraphy


What customers appreciate:

Clay sculptures, paintings, calligraphy


Even within the Liulichang Culture Street, a center of traditional Chinese craftwork, artistry and antiques, Mr. Xu Bi's calligraphy shop is quite unique. For his writing brush weighs 4.5 kg, or 10 pounds.

Mr. Xu told me he had used this heavy brush for 17 years. With it, he can write a Chinese character 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

The heavy brush is made up of a regular brush and a piece of iron. Writing with it exercised Mr. Xu's wrist to the point where he can now write for several hours without feeling exhaustion.

In addition to the large characters, I also found some calligraphy works featuring characters which are as small as an ant. Mr. Xu said he use the tip of a brush to write these tiny characters.

Mr. Xu started to learn calligraphy at the age of six. In the past forty years, he has never stopped practicing it. His calligraphies adopt poems and essays in ancient Chinese literature.

Prices of his Calligraphy vary quite a bit. My favorite work, which featured 5000 tiny characters, cost RMB 5000.

His shop also offers a special service: designing signatures for customers.  It costs RMB 100. With the Olympics held in Beijing, this business is doing quite well.

What I appreciate:
Great art of calligraphy, calligraphy shown on the spot

What customers appreciate:
Names written in beautiful calligraphy



 In China today, it's rare to find someone who excels at Chinese painting, calligraphy, and seal engraving. Lin Tieyang is one of these few versatile artists. He works in his shop on the second floor of Dong Fang Gu Yuan Art Market, called Yan Lin Ge.

Mr. Lin was very talkative about himself. He told me that he has been a professional artist for 27 years, and started his own gallery in 1994. His paintings combine free-hand brushwork with detailed brushwork to depict a wide range of sceneries. This includes plants, birds, and landscape.

Mr. Lin learned calligraphy from his father, who specialized in writing official scripts. His father¡¯s teachings remained with him. Even now, he writes carefully, and in detail, at least 200 small characters on one piece of paper every day. And he has found happiness in his heart exploring the art of calligraphy.

Mr. Lin works with his wife, who frames all his paintings. Prices are very reasonable, generally from RMB 100  to RMB 2000. It is one of the reasons why he has been so successful.

What I appreciate:
Experience the paintings and calligraphy first hand.

What customers appreciate:
Beautiful Chinese paintings and calligraphy display

On the second floor of the Dong Fang Gu Yuan Art Market, Ma Wenyuan settled down in front of his desk. Inside the calligraphy shop featuring the cursive style. I visited his store without noticing him in advance. While I entered, he was concentrating on his writing.

I was fully captivated by his vigorous calligraphy. He said he could write one character in 25 different ways. In order to keep the best skill, everyday he spent at least 2 hours on practicing.

Mr. Ma Wenyuan isn't a professional calligraphist. He ever worked as a news correspondent, and served in the army during his younger days. However, calligraphy has always been his favorite pastime.

His name, Wenyuan, meaning ¡°origin of handwriting¡± was given by his teacher in primary school who was amazed by his excellent handwriting when he was only 8 years old. For 60 years Mr. Ma has never been tired of calligraphy.

Prices of Ma Wen Yuan's calligraphy works vary from RMB200 to RMB3000.

What I appreciate:
Beautiful calligraphy exhibition

What customers appreciate:
Calligraphy written on the spot

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Beijing Shopping: Unique Chinese calligraphy art represents the beauty of painting, dance, and music. Each character is as beautiful and delicate as a flower.