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Beijing pictures, Neiliangsheng Cloth Shoe Shop

Cloth shoes are exquisitely made from cloth. Sturdy materials and no heels make them both comfortable and durable.
Cloth shoe made in Beijing is famous for its high quality and delicate design. And Neiliansheng is one of the time-honored cloth shoe maker in the capital. Even my mother from the country told me to buy a pair for its relaxed feel.

Many celebrities and leaders love the brand. Its registered trademark was handwritten by the famous writer Guo Moruo. And even Chairman Mao enjoyed wearing them.

I visited its branch near the Drum Tower. The shop assistant recommended the multilayer sole cloth shoes with flower embroidery, priced at RMB 200. She told me proudly, "the handmade multi-layer shoes have 81 inter-stitches , which cover every inch of the shoe. It took four to five days to finish that one pair." This kind of shoes cost from RMB 180 to RMB 300. Non- multilayered shoes would set you back RMB 80 to RMB 100.

Besides cloth shoes, Neiliansheng also sells leather shoes and monk's shoes. They cost around RMB 300. You may not haggle, and shop assistants, unfortunately, cannot speak English.

What I appreciate:
High-grade of cloth shoes

What customer appreciate:
Patented cloth shoes, Chinese shoe culture


Hengruifu is a Beijing local brand which sells cloth shoes in the traditional Chinese style and in the Mongolian ethnic style. Some of their production is hand-made.


The most noteworthy items at Hengruifu are their Mongolian¨Cstyle shoes. Very popular with customers, these have a golden cloth upper and a rubber sole. Their shape is pointed, and they are decorated with transparent glass breads (RMB 98).


Other cloth shoes bear embroidered patterns such as plum blossoms, peonies and lotus, and certain models are decorated with beads.


Prices for Hengruifu¡¯s shoes range from RMB 48 to RMB 108. An inexpensive gift idea, and a very original one since Mongolian-style shoes are quite hard to find in the US and in Europe.



What I appreciated:

Inexpensive shoes


Customers appreciate:

Shoes in the Mongolian style

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Beijing Shopping: Cloth shoes are exquisitely made from cloth. Sturdy materials and no heels make them both comfortable and durable.