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Yue-sai Kan, owner and founder of Yue-sai cosmetics, fully understands both the traditional Chinese culture and modern western fashion. She has devoted her life on how to make mature women look more beautiful and elegant.


Curious, I visited the Yue-sai near the entrance of Anzhen Hualian plaza. The shop assistant told me that the brand focuses on women 30 or older, rather than young ladies.


Lipsticks are the most popular items in the shop. You can pick from 9 different hues, which the shop assistant can help you choose. Give their new Miguang (├ď╣Ô) lipstick a try, which has a shimmering silk look. This specially designed lipstick for the cold winter season, priced at RMB 69, comes in rose red, deep red, and light red.


Besides lipsticks, Yue-sai also offers body lotion, face lotion, and UV-protection gel. Prices range from RMB 50 to RMB 300 individually, and can be cheaper when bought in packages. The shop assistant speaks Basic English for simple conversations.


What I appreciated:

Lipsticks of Miguang in light red color


What customers appreciate:

The famous brand, designed for middle-aged women



As one of the first American cosmetics companies to arrive in China, Maybelline has enjoyed a large following in this country since the 1990s. Despite the fierce competition from other international brands in recent years, Maybelline still has a huge customer base due to its proven quality and low price.


I went to Maybellineí»s outlet on the 1st floor of Anzhen Hualian plaza. The shop assistant, who can speak a little English, introduced me to their new lipstick for this winter, Hengjiuxuanjin ĘC Forever Golden (RMB 49). The lipstick gives off a golden shinning color within the traditional red, giving off a mysterious vibe.


For a traditional best-seller, try the Sky High Curve mascara (RMB 69) that has been popular since it first hit the market. Ití»s excellent at making the eyelashes longer and curlier, while maintaining the shape for a long time.


The prices for the various kinds of cosmetics range from RMB 20 to RMB 100. Sometimes you can find items on sale at 20% to 30% discounts.


What I appreciated:

Sky High Curve Mascara


What customers appreciate:

Traditional honored cosmetics brand at low prices


Sekkisei is the most famous series of the Japanese cosmetics brand Kose. Its popularity lies with the use of traditional Chinese and Japanese herbs, known as Hanfang Herbs, in all its products. Sekkiseií»s customers love the all-natural herbal treatment and protection the brand offers.  


Near the entrance of its outlet in Anzhen Hualian Plaza, I easily spotted the logo Kose and Sekkisei in deep blue and white Chinese characters. Inside, the patient shop assistant, who can speak decent English, explained to me their products in detail. She says that all Sekkisei products are made in Japan. The brand offers five main series of products: lotion, astringent, UV-protection gel, facial wash, and mascara. The most popular series is the Sekkisei lotion, which comes in a 200 ml bottle (RMB 380) or 360 ml bottle (RMB 560). With more than 22 years of history, the Sekkisei lotion has certainly withstood the test of time.


For gifts, there are many beautiful gift boxes to choose from, all at reasonable prices. The hot item right now is their special end-of-the-year gift box, which includes a bottle of 15 ml lotion, a 15 ml face cream, a 20 ml UV protection lotion, and a key dĘŽcor (RMB 580). Ití»s an unique package to sayí«Thank Youí» to all their customers in 2007.



What I appreciated:

Sekkisei lotion


What customers appreciate:

Hanfang Herbs; long history


Korean cosmetics, along with their electronics and cars, have recently become very popular in Beijing. One such recently popular cosmetics brand is Kala Kala, known for its solid quality at low prices. Until now, it has opened 10 outlets in Beijing. The outlet I went to is located on the East side of the N. 3rd Ring Road.


As it is near a major university, college students make up most of Kala Kala's customers.  The other customers told me that they prefer this brand for its affordable prices compared to other famous brands.


The shop assistant echoed the shoppers sentiments. She told me the business philosophy of Kala Kala is to offer good cosmetics products with natural ingredients at reasonable prices. She recommended a series of 4-in-1 moisturizing products (RMB 182) widely used for the dry Beijing weather.


As I walked around the shop, I saw mainly lipsticks, make-up kits, and eye blacks. There were also some products for young men, like creams and moisturizing lipsticks.


Prices for individual items range from RMB 28 to RMB 58, although they do have packages at higher prices. The shop assistants could speak a little English.


What I appreciated:

The series of moisturizing products at low price


What customers appreciate:

Low price, good brand


Unlike many other cosmetic brands, Chinfie likes to focus on keeping the prices reasonable for consumers, while still maintain a high level of quality expected from a brand name. 


I visited this Shanghai company's outlet near the entrance of Aní»zhen Hualian Plaza. Inside, I found three types of products: cosmetics, skin care, and fragrance. The shop assistant told me that their most well-known product is its moisture lotion (RMB 68 for 100ml). I put some on my hand until ití»s fully absorbed. The smell was refreshing and the skin does not feel oily at all. Considering Beijing's air, I could see why it's so popular.


Chinfie recently started making fragrances. One such fragrance, the Chinfie YiQing Fragrance, makes the wear feel like she's on the beach.


Most of their cosmetics cost between RMB 50 to RMB 300. While fragrances cost RMB 100 to RMB 400. The shop assistant could speak basic English.


What I appreciated:

The moisture lotion

What customers appreciate:

Low prices; professional service


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Beijing Shopping: Yue-sai Kan, owner and founder of Yue-sai cosmetics, fully understands both the traditional Chinese culture and modern western fashion. She has devoted her life on how to make mature women look more b...