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Cross stitch, an art first originated in Europe, is incredibly popular in China today, especially with the young girls. Although cross stitching has changed quite a bit moving to the east, I found a small shop that still holds true to the origin of this art. The shop is aptly named ˇ°European Cross Stitch.ˇ±

I found the shop near the D exit of Chang Chun Jie subway station. It felt warm and comfortable as I stepped inside. According to the friendly shop assistant, the most popular product sold here are wall decorations. Prices ranged from RMB 100 to RMB 300 or so, depending on their sizes. However, if you choose to make it by yourself, you can typically save up to 2/3 of the original price.

Besides wall decorations, the shop also provides more practical cross stitch products. I personally liked the couch pillows which they can stitch your favorite design for (RMB380). I also liked the apron too (RMB150). As these were items I would look at every day, it felt more important that they be more special.

What I appreciate:
Cushion, Apron and the comfortable atmosphere

What customers appreciate:
Decorations, Tapestry

Beijing pictures, Cross stitch of Beijing Opera

Cross stitching, a type of handicraft originated in Europe sixteen hundred years ago, has become popular among youths in China and other oriental countries.

Located in the Tiandi wholesale market, No. 5 Cross Stitch specializes in making traditional and exquisite handicrafts using the cross stitch technique.

Even though it is a small shop, you could find more than five hundred cross stitch patterns, which cover from world famous art paintings to Beijing opera face masks. Bestsellers of the shop? That would be Japanese anime characters.

Besides the common cross stitch styles, like fixing the finished pattern in a picture frame, No. 5 could also stitch a pattern on pillows, clocks, or insoles. Prices varied from RMB 20 to RMB 800. The wide price range was due to different needs of customers. For example, a 30cm x 30 cm unstitched package will cost you around RMB 25. But a 80 cm x 80 cm finished goods was priced at RMB 800.

Although shop owner did not speak English, she ensured me that language did not matter. In fact, she taught a foreign customer how to stitch a rose through hand gestures. And that customer gave her a box of chocolate as a gift. If you wish to bargain, simply use body gestures or pen and paper.

What I appreciate:
Kind service

What customers appreciate:
A large selection, reasonable prices

Beijing pictures, Natural Color Cross Stitch Shop

Cross stitch, originated from Turkey in the 4th century, spread to China last century. As a country that has long tradition of embroidery, China quickly embraced this new type of embroidery. As time passed, China has formed its very own style of cross stitching.


On the west side of the middle 3rd ring road, I saw a cross stitch shop named Ben Se (In English: Natural Color). Upon entering into the shop, I found various cross stitch works hanging on the walls, and a woman stitching in a corner. The works come in different sizes, with some mounted. The patterns show various Chinese figures, including characters, scenic spots, animals, cartoon, flowers and plants. They also provide design and mounting service, and sell imported works.


The prices ranging from RMB 10 to RMB 360 are very reasonable. A number of smaller items cost 10 yuan or 15 yuan each, and look rather interesting, which can serve as good presents or souvenirs.


What I appreciated

Reasonable prices.


What customers appreciate

Lovely cross stitch works, good service


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Beijing Shopping: Cross stitch, an art first originated in Europe, is incredibly popular in China today, especially with the young girls. Although cross stitching has changed quite a bit moving to the east, I found a s...