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Colorful Yunnan is a large shopping center which specializes in quality jadeites and diamonds made in the Yunnan province.


The center occupies a very large area spread on three floors. On the first level, a great many necklace pendants made of jadeites are on display. All items are divided into areas according to prices. Some rare jadeite pendants, worth of nearly half a million yuans, are on display at an exhibition area. On the second floor, jadeite bracelets are on sale. On the third floor, a wide variety of diamonds are on display.


Colorful Yunnan guarantees that all jadeite raw materials are from Burma. All items are marked with real prices, and customers can exchange their jewelry for higher priced ones within 3 months of purchase if the jewelry is intact.


What customers appreciate

Genuine jadeites and diamonds, guaranteed quality, wide variety of jewelry items to select from, real prices, nice shopping environment.


Startalent is a spacious and well-decorated jewelry shop which mainly offers diamond jewelry at moderate prices. Their marketing model is ˇ°direct from the factoryˇ±, so their prices are usually 30~40% lower than those of other diamond shops.


At the shop, delicate diamond rings and necklaces are beautifully arranged in the showcases. Diamond ore and a brief introduction to diamonds are on display, which helps customers know more about diamonds.


The shop sells three qualities of diamonds to customers: 0.30 carat (RMB 4899); 0.50 carat (RMB 9955); 1.00 carat (RMB 28800). At each level, there are a number of designs to choose amongst.


A room in the shop is devoted to jadeite: you can admire various exquisite pendants representing deities such as Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, and Pixiu, a mythical animal which swallows or collects wealth.


Each item is sold with a certificate from the China Jewelry Appraisal Center.


What customers appreciate

Wide variety of genuine diamonds and jadeites, guaranteed quality, exquisite designs, moderate prices.

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Beijing Shopping: Colorful Yunnan is a large shopping center which specializes in quality jadeites and diamonds made in the Yunnan province.