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Beijing pictures, Real Old Drum

Located in the Drum Tower area, Guang Ming Ge offers a variety of Old Beijing souvenirs and baubles.


Entering the shop, I was first attracted by ¡®Tau-Er-Yea¡¯, or ¡®Sir Rabbit¡¯. This colorfully dressed, cat-mounted rabbit with a human body is known by all Beijingers. Legend tells of this fairy rabbit that lived on the moon. It came to Beijing to rescue people from a plague striking the city. The rabbit rode a cat so it could move around faster to help more people. Even today, Beijingers offer fruits and cakes to Sir Rabbit during Mid-Autumn Festival to honor its good deed. Each ¡®Tau-Er-Yea¡¯ sells for RMB 30.


The shop also carries a range of hutong photos, Great Wall clay, etc. Be sure to at least check out the hutong photos, which depict the typical Beijing traditional residence - Siheyuan.  Each framed photo cost RMB 100.


Also, there are beautiful items such as white porcelain figurines, straw-weaved animals, opera mask pendants, and Chinese zodiac amulets. Mr. Guo, the owner, speaks a little English. Communication shouldn¡¯t be a problem.



What I appreciate

Good service


What customers appreciate

Beautiful items


For a nice change-of-pace to visiting Beijing¡¯s main tourist attractions, you can find it quite enjoyable to sit inside a Beijing's tea house, especially one residing in the old residential courtyards - "Hutongs" - scattered throughout the former Inner Beijing.

The Terrace Tea House situates in a typical Beijing Hutong, just outside the east gate of the Forbidden City. This parlor provides a resting and refreshing place for travelers coming afar to experience local Chinese lives and traditions.

Despite its moderate size, the Terrace Tea House is neat both in configuration and interior decoration. They serve a large variety of your favorite teas, along with local delicacies and deserts. Order a tin of their oolong teas (RMB110 and up), and the server will treat to a Chinese tea ceremony. Each ¡°tin¡± of tea makes about four pots, each serving 3-4 people. If you cannot finish it, you can keep it in the restaurant for the next visit, or bring the rest home.

I sat on the 2nd floor terrace, in a peaceful environment, listening to relaxing music, enjoying a nice view, and had my tea served in traditional Chinese style. Refills are always free of charge as long as the cup is left open. And the assistants speak basic English, so you can enjoy your stay without any communication problem.

What I appreciate

Tea Ceremony

What customers appreciate

Various high-grade teas and Chinese Tea Ceremony

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Beijing Shopping: Guang Ming Ge offers a variety of Old Beijing souvenirs and baubles.