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There is a saying in ancient China: Even he who has a big sum of money cannot buy porcelain covered with gold leaves. Last week, however, I found a Jingdezhen porcelain shop where porcelain covered with gold leaves was on sale.


The shopkeeper Mr. Yu greeted me warmly. He told me he comes from Jingdezhen, the ¡®Capital of Porcelain.¡¯ The company he works at is the only manufacturer of porcelain with gold leaf patterns. To master the unique process, a number of skillful potters have been experimenting for over 14 years.


Then he showed me the most amazing item in the shop ¨C a red porcelain tea set covered with gold leaves. The golden pattern on the big teapot features a dragon and a phoenix. The whole set looked very gorgeous and luxurious.


And what is more, when you put a teacup under the spout, tea will start pouring automatically! As the water level nearly reaches the rim, the pouring stops. And if the tea is clear enough, you can see a beautiful girl¡¯s portrait appearing at the bottom of the cup.


Due to their exclusive techniques, each of their high-end porcelain items is different from any others. I must say they are very fit for any collection.


Apart from charming artistic porcelain, this shop also has a variety of bone china tableware on display, such as bowls, plates, and ashtrays. They are high quality but inexpensive. If you pick up two pieces and knock them together gently, a resonant and melodious sound will drift in the air.


What I appreciated

Unique Jingdezhen porcelain, top quality


What customers appreciate

Jingdezhen porcelain, superior workmanship

Beijing pictures, Eggshell porcelain bowls

In the country of origin for porcelain, the most famous place for producing porcelain is Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province. In fact, the city¡¯s name is synonymous with porcelain.


Walk 15 minutes southward from Tian¡¯anmen Square, and you can find a JingDeZhen shop called JiangQingZhai on ZhuShiKou East Street.


On my visit there, I found something amazing. One that really reflects a saying about JingDeZhen porcelain, ¡®white as jade, thin as paper, bright as mirror, and sounds as chime stone¡¯.


I discovered two porcelain bowls on a shelf. One is bigger than the other. Both are so thin that even look transparent in some areas. This style is called hollowed-out work, and looks amazing. The bowls are painted in various types of blue patterns.


Another appealing piece was a set of ten eggshell bowls. Each is laid inside another, with the smallest in the center. The exterior surface of each bowl has paintings of lovely, vivid flowers and birds. Tag price for this set of bowls is 860 yuan.


What I appreciated

Jingdezhen porcelain, porcelain bowls as thin as paper


What customers appreciate

Elaborate eggshell porcelain bowls

Beijing pictures, Jiangqingzhai Jingdezhen Ceramics Shop

When it comes to porcelain ware, the town of Jingdezhen is by far the most famous in China. On the southern side of Zhushikou Dongdajie lies a large Jingdezhen porcelain shop named Jiangqing Zhai. It is owned by a porcelain company based in Jingdezhen.


Various delicate porcelain wares behind the shop windows attracted me in. The spacious setting is full of artistic atmosphere. A wide variety of porcelain items are displayed on shelves. The selection was very good.


According to the shopkeeper from the city of Jingdezhen, all these items on display can be divided into four categories: artistic porcelain created by famous artists, antique reproductions, daily-use porcelain, and gift items.


I noticed several beautiful items. One was a plate painted with colorful mandarin ducks, lotus flowers, and lotus leaves (RMB 70). Another was a gift box, which contained three little caskets painted with lovely pandas eating bamboos (RMB 100). I also admired many elegantly-painted vases with strong traditional Chinese characteristics.


What I appreciated

Agreeable shopping environment, reasonable prices.


What customers appreciate

Elaborate porcelain, reasonable prices.

Beijing pictures, Photos & Names on Plates & Cups

Jingdezhen Artistic Porcelain Outlet, which has been in Beijing for over 70 years, moved from Qianmen St. to Zhushikou West St. recently. The store carries a huge selection of porcelain ware made in Jingdezhen of Jiangxi Province, the first most famous porcelain city in China. Many foreign dignitaries have visited this outlet for its world famous porcelain.


The shelves display various vividly patterned porcelain vases. One white vase, designed with black-eyed red carps, looks almost alive. The selection is incredible, and the price varies a great deal. For souvenirs, the outlet also sells small trinkets. These include round or heart-shaped porcelain caskets, priced at RMB 15 each or RMB 25 for two. Or one may like a pair of little colorful porcelain lions, which look very exquisite.


Browsing through the store, an artist painting on a plate aroused my interest. When asked, he told me that he¡¯s from Jiangxi Province, and that he¡¯s painting a photo for a customer. A customer can have his or her photo painted upon a plate for RMB168, which includes a plate made in Jingdezhen and a wooden stand. Or the customer can get a name painted on a cup for only RMB 25. To avoid color-fading, the photo or name on the porcelain must be parched for a night. Therefore, you must come back to pick up the plate the following day.


What I appreciated

The most famous porcelain in China, 70 years of history in Beijing, a wide variety of porcelain items.


What customers appreciate

Famous porcelain, choice of both inexpensive items for presents or souvenirs, and large ornate porcelain pots.

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Beijing Shopping: There is a saying in ancient China: Even he who has a big sum of money cannot buy porcelain covered with gold leaves. Last week, however, I found a Jingdezhen porcelain shop where porcelain covered wi...