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Beijing pictures, Potteries in Tianlejia Accessories

Tianlejia Accessories carries wooden furniture and small potteries (RMB 50-120). The potteries are by made Mr. Liren Zhang, a very talented potter. His work is famous for its vivid and life-like character. Tianlejia also carries traditional style umbrellas (RMB 20).


Customers appreciate:

Special technique, nice design


Lighten Candle sells scented and unscented candles. They carry a wide range of products. Some are really big, some tiny. They come in red, white, purple, etc. The shop also carries nicely designed candleholders.


What I appreciated:

Special designs


Customers appreciate:

Wide choices of products

Beijing pictures, Clothes on sale in Li Hu Die Fang

The merchandise offered at Li Hu Die Fang originates from the Naxi minority, one of the 56 nationalities in mainland China. The Naxi population is very small. Their wear and objects of daily use are very different from those of the majority of Chinese people. That is what attracts passersby


Among the items on display at Li Hu Die Fang: long and wide skirts made of flex with watermark on it (RMB 228), wind-bells made with metal leaves, wooden fish-shaped key rings with a little bell (RMB 30), cotton shoes with embroideries, bamboo handbags (RMB 95), bamboo sleepers (RMB 37-48).


What I appreciated:

Unique products from a minority


Customers appreciate:

Special designs, great prices, good service

Beijing pictures, In House Time

At House Time, you can find various kinds of decorations for your home. They carry kitchen accessories, photo frames, clocks from Korea (RMB 600-1,500) and candleholders.


The style of photo frames looks similar to those at ¡®Past Times¡¯ (a UK accessory maker), only cheaper.


Customers appreciate:

Great design

Beijing pictures, House accessories in Dexian Minority House Accesso

Most of the products on offer at this accessories shop come from the Dujun Handmade Embroidery Research School of the Guizhou Province.


Most of the materials are made with silk. The shops carries cushions (RMB 88), cushion covers (some of them priced at RMB 15), table cloth (RMB 158-178), eyemasks with lavender inside (RMB 30), etc.


What I appreciated:

The special texture of silk


Customers appreciate:

Special designs, great prices


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Beijing Shopping: Tianlejia Accessories carries wooden furniture and small potteries.