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Feel Shanghai is a self-made studio, which specializes in designing and tailoring Chinese costumes like Qipao and Mianao (padded Chinese jacket).

Located in the embassy district, the shop has a wealth of experience catering to foreign tourists and expats. Their customers shop there for their unique and high-class Chinese costumes.

The process is simple. First, go to the shop to get yourself measured and pay the deposit. You may use one of many pattern shown at the shop, but also add your own designs or embroidery. An experience tailor in Shanghai, the origin of Qipao apparel, will then make your clothes. A simple Qipao will take seven days to finish, but Qipao with complex embroidery may take more than 20 days.

Ms Li, the owner of the shop proudly showed me one piece of Qipao. "Dazi embroidery skill is used to embroider the peony here. It gives the flowers a three-dimensional feel. The expert skill required to make this flower is rarely seen in China now, and so the Qipao costs 6900 RMB"

Note that prices are negotiable, so be sure to bargain.

What I Appreciate:
unique and high-class Chinese costumes

What Customer Appreciate:
unique and high-class Chinese costumes,oversea shipment

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While most tailor-made Qipaos, traditional one-piece Chinese dress, cost over RMB 1000, There is a place in the Gongzhufen area where you can find cheap quality tailored Qipao.

The place to visit is Daxin Fabrics, a one-floor market mainly selling all kinds of cloth, like silk, wool, flax, cotton fabric, and caddice. There are also six tailors here. So the trick is to buy the fabrics at the shops, and visit the tailor to make the dress for you.

As there are many retailers in the market, you must choose carefully and bargain hard with suppliers. Most of the silk is produced at Suzhou, renowned as the hometown of silk and embroidery. I asked around, and prices range from RMB 60 to RMB 250 per meter. For reference, a 1.6 meter tall woman usually requires 3-meter of silk to make a long-sleeve Qipao.

The tailoring will cost you RMB 120 per dress, and it will usually take seven days to finish. Overseas shipment is available.

So depending on the fabric type and the wearerĄ¯s size, a Qipao may cost your anywhere from RMB 300 to RMB 900. Vendors cannot speak English, but they always have a calculator handy to give you the prices. Bring a pen and paper to bargain with them.

What I Appreciate:
Choices, low price

What Customer Appreciate:
Choices, low price

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The Pinyu Clothes Shop is located in a bookstore. So the atmosphere in the shop is very different from that of shopping centers. Wooden floor, soft light, and melodious music are all welcoming customers.


The items on display are all very Chinese. Traditional Chinese shoes are the most popular. They are made of colorful cotton, and their sole is in cow hide. According to the owner, the colors will not fade after washing, and the soles are stable. Six months after I bought a pair, I can say that the soles are durable.


You can also find traditional Chinese clothes, designed in the style of Qipaos (a one-piece dress characterized by an upright collar, an opening from the neck to under the right arm, and a fairly narrow cut, often with a slit) and Hanfus (full-length, one-piece robe which wraps up the body and attaches with a belt). The clothes are mainly in cotton.


Prices for shoes hover around RMB 200. Dresses sell for RMB 100-500.


Shop assistants are all hospitable. Their uniforms are of good design. If asked they will advise you as to how to match your clothes best. Some of them speak English.


What I appreciated:

Durable shoes


Customers appreciate:

Traditional Chinese shoes  


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Beijing Shopping: Feel Shanghai is a self-made studio, which specializes in designing and tailoring Chinese costumes like Qipao and Mianao (padded Chinese jacket).