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Zhangyiyuan, famous tea brand dating all the way back to the Qing Dynasty, offer a great selection of high-quality teas. I visited its shop in the Gongzhufen Shopping Center, where one of their outlets resides. 


According to the shop assistant, the store carries over 200 kinds of choice teas coming from different parts of China. As I looked around, I indeed saw that they seem to carry everything, including different varieties of Green Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile Tea, Wu Long Tea, and Jasmine Tea.


The great benefit of its huge selection is the various levels of prices. Regular teas started from as low as RMB 10/ 50g. While premium leaves could cost upwards of RMB 1000/ 50g. If happen to visit there at right time, you might find them in the midst of a demonstration on tea-making.


What I appreciated:

Quality Green teas


What customers appreciate:

Time-honored brand, great selection

Beijing pictures, The Facade of Fangquanyuan Coin Service Department

Located on the west side of Tian¡¯anmen Square, Fangquanzhai Coin Service Department is the only franchised retailer of the China Gold Coin Incorporation, the official commemorative coin maker in China. The shop sells mainly precious metal and common metal commemorative coins, commemorative banknotes, modern coins, ancient coins, and foreign coins. Collectors, or even tourists looking for gifts or memorabilia, can find a great selection to choose from here.


The center of the shop showcases a large selection of commemorative coins. Among them is a set of ordinary coins of Taiwan, which contains 5 pieces of gilded coins depicting the beauty spots of Taiwan. It prices at RMB 60. In addition, a set of two gilded commemorative coins featuring the Ming and Qing Dynasty Imperial Palaces also costs RMB 60. A single gold panda coin (1/10 Oz) prices at RMB 775, while a silver panda coin (1 Oz) costs RMB 210.


With the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, the store has many coin sets for the occasion. A set of three commemorative coins for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is priced at RMB 120. A square or a circular badge for the Beijing Olympic Games cost RMB 10 each.


All products in the shop are attached with certificate of authenticity. This includes their ancient coins, all of which have been authenticated by experts.


What I appreciated

Authentic commemorative coins, delicate design, reasonable prices.


What customers appreciate

Unique Chinese commemorative coins, ornate designs, good for present or as a souvenir.

Beijing pictures, Youmoyouyang, a handmodel shop

As I walked through the Zhongguancun Walking Street, I had to stop and take a look at Youmoyouyang. After all, it's not everyday you see a shop that sells hand models.


Inside, I found several hand models in a variety of colors displayed at the front of the shop. According to the shop assistant, this store offers two types of hand models: wax and gypsum. The wax hand model is fairly transparent, while the gypsum model is gold-colored.


If you'd like to make a model, the shop will first make a copy of your hands in the shape you want. Then they will make a model of the hands on the spot according to the customer¡¯s design.


Youmoyouyang also makes gypsum caricatures. Make a pose while the artist draws your caricature. Then simply wait a few days before picking up the end product. A caricature cost RMB 400 when I visited. 


What I appreciated:

Gypsum caricatures


What customers appreciate:

Something different and special

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Beijing Shopping: Zhangyiyuan, famous tea brand dating all the way back to the Qing Dynasty, offer a great selection of high-quality teas. I visited its shop in the Gongzhufen Shopping Center, where one of their outlet...