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Beijing pictures, Inexpensive T-shirts for couples

With hearts, flowers, teddy bears, candy, roses, and cupids, Diandian shop has T-shirts with designs every Valentine gifts imaginable. Two shirts with matching designs are what Diandian sells. The Shop owner said her main customers are young couples who love their cartoonish matching T-shirts.

Regular quality T-shirts are simply RMB 80 per pair or RMB 45 each. High quality lovers T-shirts cost RMB 150, while long-sleeved shirts cost RMB 180 per pair.

You have quite a few designs to choose from. There are traditional Chinese designs like paper-cut pictures, animal mascots, Beijing Opera markings, and Chinese calligraphy. Then, there are western patterns such as teddy bears, cupid, Disney characters, and impressionist pictures.

The Shop owner friendly showed her wall of photos, all customers happily wearing Diandian's lover T-shirt. She told me that she loved the smiles on their faces as they wear the shits.

The Shop owner doesn't speak English. You can bargain a little bit, so bring pen and paper.

What I appreciate:
Kind service

What Customer Appreciate:
Lover T-shirts at low prices

Beijing pictures, Uniqlo's third store in Xidan

With so much hype recently for Uniqlo's third store in Beijing, I decided to see just what Japan's leading clothing chain is about. In case you're not familiar with the brand, the name Uniqlo stands for "unique clothing", which is what it offers.

The store is spacious, occupying almost half the floor. Although there are jeans and skirts, most of floor is covered with T-shirts. T-shirt costs RMB 150 to RMB 250 each at regular prices. While Jeans range from RMB 200 to RMB 600. I happened to enter a sale period, where the shirts were sold for RMB 99, or two for RMB 169.

What attracted my attention is the UT Project. UNIQLO launched the UT Project in 2007, featuring limited-edition t-shirts designed by renowned artists, designers, photographers and musicians. I like the T-shirt patterned with Jean-Michel Basquiat works. Those depicting skeletal figures and mask-like faces feature boldness and self-meditation.As with other T-shirts during the sales period, it cost RMB 99.

Shop assistant could not speak English, but it’s not necessary as all prices are clearly marked.

What I Appreciate:
UT project T-shirt

What Customer Appreciate:
Large selection of T-shirt , reasonable price

Beijing pictures, As an Offical Licensed Olympic Merchandise

With the 2008 Beijing Olympiad drawing near, the Offical Licensed Olympic Merchandise Outlet on the first floor of Yueshow Fashion Market has become a popular destination for foreign and domestic tourists alike. It carries a full selection of official Olympic souvenirs. The products include mascots, T-shirts, hats, bracelets, pack bags, wallets, umbrellas, cups, and pens.


The best-sellers, though, are the 5 Olympic Fuwa(Lucky Dolls) mascots.--resembling fish, panda, Tibetan antelope, swallow, and Olympic flame respectively. With names BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing, and NiNi, their names make up the Beijing Olympic motto: BeiJingHuanYingNi (Beijing Welcomes You). The dolls are happy, lively, and represent good luck to all Olympic  participants and fans worldwide. So fans of the Olympics, or just fans of cute mascots, should certainly find the store to your liking.


Shop assistants are hospitable, and can speak good English. Prices vary.  An Olympic bracelet, for example, prices at RMB 18.  While a big, cuddly mascot character each cost several hundred Yuan.


What I appreciate

Welcoming atmosphere and large selection of products


What customers appreciate

The Fuwas – Lucky Dolls

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Beijing Shopping: With hearts, flowers, teddy bears, candy, roses, and cupids, Diandian shop has T-shirts with designs every Valentine gifts imaginable. Two shirts with matching designs are what Diandian sells. The Sho...