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Beijing pictures, Character Bar

Located in Xintiandi clothes market, Character Bar is a shop where you can make your trinkets, like cups, T-shirts, pillows, crystal adornments, and mobile phone decorations. All of them are then adorned with your favorite pictures.

The shop owner told me service is prompt. It usually takes her one day to finish a custom item. And the price is reasonable as well. A small crystal adornments with your pictures embedded within would cost RMB 60. While a large one cost RMB 240. Most other souvenir items can be had for RMB 30 to RMB 60.

It isn't all about photos. The owner can help you realize any original ideas you share with her on any item available. You could even shape you own figure.

You can bargain with the owner, but she can't speak much English. So be sure to bring pen and paper.

What I Appreciate:
Happy custom designing items

What Customer Appreciate:
Custom designs, embedded photos, good price

Walking along the Tobacco Pipe Street in the Hou Hai area, I found a small shop called Wen Feng Tang, which had many unique T-shirts, handbags, paper-cuts, porcelains, and more.

Inside, the shop owner, Mr. Liu, greeted me. He told me that he opened this shop to showcase all his artisan friends. So all items inside are made by him and his friends, and are unique even in Beijing.

The porcelains of mostly blue hue are the highlights of the shop. Each of them is different in design. Those colorful ornaments are painted with different totems and made of wood. Some of them are in the shape of rockets, while the others look like gourds.

As an artist himself, Mr. Liu designed the T-shirts hung on the walls. They feature sketches of soldiers, workers and farmers together, reminiscent of 1950's- 1970's China, when the new People¡¯s Republic just formed.

In addition, I found little accessories in the shape of vivid animals displayed on the shelves. And the inner room held a collection of the paper cuts.

The owner is proud of his every item here, as each one is unique. You can't find the same one in any other shops in Beijing. Prices range from RMB 20 to RMB 300, reasonable for souvenirs or small gifts.

What I appreciate:
Items in individual styles

What customers appreciate:
Nostalgic items with reasonable prices


Located on the NanLuoGu Xiang, Plastered T-shirts is an original and distinctive T-shirt brand from our very own Beijing. Established in 2005, it has continually been one of the most stylish and diverse brand here in the capital.

The T-shirts offered at Plastered are all made of 100% cotton with different marks. The offbeat, colorful, and creative designs are all inspired by the Chinese elements on Beijing¡¯s city streets. For example, I saw a T-shirt with a mark of GongBaoJiDing, which is a very popular Chinese dish to westerners and my personal favorite. Definitely make you stand out on the street.

All T-shirts costs RMB 88. The shop owner himself is from Great Britain, and is happy to share with you his life experience in Beijing.

What I appreciate

Pottery DIY and patient mistress

What customers appreciate

Pottery DIY and patient mistress


¡°Rose-weapon¡± is a newly opened shop which specializes in home-made, individualized T-shirts.


Hundreds of cultural T-shirts are on display. Patterns involve the Red Army, the Long March, revolutionary leaders¡¯ head portraits such as Lenin and Che Guevara, and rock hero portraits such as John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, etc. Prices range from RMB 68 to RMB 108.


Most interestingly, customers can provide their own patterns for the shop to customize T-shirts. A custom-made T-shirt costs RMB 120. The more T-shirts you request in a pattern, the lower the unit price. Good for company gifts.


What I appreciated

T-shirts with cultural icons, reasonable prices.

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Beijing Shopping: Located in Xintiandi clothes market, Character Bar is a shop where you can make your trinkets, like cups, T-shirts, pillows, crystal adornments, and mobile phone decorations. All of them are then ador...