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As a way to pray for protection, Tibetans engrave scriptures or auspicious signs on slabs known as Marnyi stone. It is rare to see outside Tibet.


But one shop in Beijing offers this item. Residing in the Drum Tower area, the shop is called Wisdom Seeds. They offer all kinds of Marnyi stones. They vary in size, shape, as well as the engravings they bear. There are stones for protection, auspiciousness, good luck, fortune, to name a few.


I pick up a stone; the text on it is in Sanskrit and is tainted with various colors. Prices for range from RMB 30 to RMB 180.


The owner is a Tibetan Buddhism follower. During a pilgrimage to Tibet many years ago, he met a master engraver of Marnyi stone. He learned from the master for many days, and returned to Beijing to open a shop selling Marnyi stones. Now he is a well-known Marnyi stone engraver in Beijing.


He speaks a little English too, so communication shouldn¡¯t be a problem.



What I appreciate

Nice Marnyi stones


What customers appreciate

Nice Marnyi stones, welcoming atmosphere

Beijing pictures, himalayan artwork shop

Himalayan, a land full of mystery and long history, captures the souls of many people who have ever or never been there. So I was thrilled to find a shop in Beijing offering handicrafts from that mysterious region.

You can easily spot the shop, Himalayan Artwork, in the Drum Tower area by its colorful flags hanging outside.

Mr Yang, the owner, introduced me to a collection of Tibetan products: prayer wheel for blessings, painted or embroidered Buddhist banner ¨CThangka, incense burner, and colorful folk costumes.

If you want to soothe your soul, I recommend this Tibetan singing bowl. It is a type of bell used for prayers and meditation. Each bowl comes with a wooden stick for you to use.

The shop carries singing bowls featuring various paintings, carvings, and Buddhist signs around its edge. In addition, you can use it as a music instrument for events like yoga classes. Prices are relatively cheap. Tens or hundreds of yuans for the most part. You can bargain with Mr Yang. But since he can't speak English, be sure to take a pen and paper with you.

What I Appreciate:

Ethnic flavor

What Customers Appreciate:

Beautiful products, quality service


The ancient land of Himalaya captures the souls of many who have ever or never been there. So  I was thrilled to find a shop in Beijing offering handicrafts from that mystical region.


BaZha Tribe in the Drum Tower area carries a wide variety of daily products from Nepal, Pakistan, India, Tibet, and even Russia. Although everyday items there, these are rarely found elsewhere in the world.


Ms. Ma, the owner, was a former tourism editor. She introduced me to a collection of Pakistani products: a peach-wood fruit tray, boat-shape bowl with a complex floral design, and a candleholder that looks like a grape vine. Prices range from RMB 250 to RMB 1500.


Personally, I liked the Nepalese woolen scarves and shawls. Handmade in a small town near Nepal¡¯s capital Katmandu, they are colorful, soft, and decorated with intricate motifs. Each sells around RMB 300. They are also the best seller at BaZha Tribe.


Products from Tibet include necklaces, rings, bracelets, prayer wheels, and Tangkas. Prices vary a lot, from RMB 30 to RMB 2000.


Ms. Ma speaks fluent English and French, and often travels to Himalaya region. She¡¯d love to tell you a story or two about the region.



What I appreciate

Nepal shawls and scarves


What customers appreciate

Beautiful products, quality service

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Beijing Shopping: One shop in Beijing called Wisdom Seed offers Marnyi stone which is rare to see outside Tibet.