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Wei Fei Zuo Dai specializes in apparel made in  a remote mountain in the Southern China.


Skirts, hats, shoes, all are made of a special fabric weaved by the villagers living in that mountain. This kind of fabric is generally of brownish gray color, and is somewhat thicker than usual. Apparel made in this fabric can be worn throughout the year. Since this material is handwoven and not machine-made, its texture is relatively coarse..


Style-wise, the clothes look elegant with some distinctive patterns knitted on the cuff and the neckline.


Prices for apparel range from RMB 200 to RMB 700.


What I appreciated:

Distinctive ethnic flavor


What customers appreciate:

Comfortable fabric, unique ethnic style

Beijing pictures, Wall hung up with clothes - Lan Clothing Shop

Lan Clothing Shop carries Chinese-style apparel with an emphasis on womenĄŻs wear. Their clothes harmonize traditional and modern elements. All the items are hand-made, each one-of-a-kind. You can observe the tailor sewing in a backroom.

Owner and designers pay attention to every detail of the clothes, from the choice of the material to the embroidery on the cuff and the neckline.

As I was talking with the owner, two Italian girls bought five pieces of clothing each.  The owner said it happened very frequently in her shop. Foreigners do like her clothing line, and she is planning to open a shop in Paris, France. The New York Times once reported on her work.

Prices range from RMB 200 to RMB 450. They are marked clearly on the clothes. Since demand exceeds supply, the owner is thinking of increasing her prices in the near future.

What I appreciated:
Excellent design, high quality, enthusiastic owner, reasonable prices.

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Beijing Shopping: Wei Fei Zuo Dai specializes in apparel made in a remote mountain in the Southern China.