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Beijing pictures, Entrance of Dinghao Accessories

Dinghao Accessories carries baubles (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc, made of metal), hair accessories (RMB 30-60), small hand mirrors (RMB 8), combs (plastic & wooden), and other inexpensive beauty items.


But the main interest of the shop is their temporary tattoos. These come in roses, dragons, Chinese characters, and other local shapes. You place them on your skin, wet them with water, let the ink sink in a little while, and pull. The impression lasts 3 days, and is easy to wash off. For RMB 10 each, thatí»s cheap fun.

Dinghao Accessories also sells cigarette lighters (RMB 23) with fancy designs. They are shaped like guns, fire extinguishers, beer bottles and so forth..


What I appreciated:

Large assortment of inexpensive items, water tattoos


Customers appreciate:

Inexpensive prices, novelties



Anna Sui offers jewelry (RMB 200-3000), purses, handbags, cotton handkerchiefs (RMB 180), legging (RMB 100-300), etc. The design of most of the items includes at least one butterfly, the symbol of the Anna Sui brand

Purses (RMB 600-1000) and handbags (RMB 1000-3000) are made of genuine leather, and offered mostly in purple, green and a mix of colors. Of note: a white, rectangle shaped purse with red butterflies around the sides.. The leather used is soft and smooth. The purse was priced at RMB 1580.


What I appreciated:

Special design with a butterfly


Customers appreciate:

Good quality, special design

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Beijing Shopping: Dinghao Accessories carries baubles (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc