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Near the northwest corner of the Wudaokou metro station, a well-known bakery which also serves coffee and chocolate just opened its doors. Named ¡°Tous Les Jours¡± in French (Every Day) and Duolezhiri in Chinese (¶àÀÖÖ®ÈÕ -- ¡®Happy Every Day¡¯), it bakes many varieties of fresh bread and pastries.


Enter the bakery-tea salon and two aisles of delicious pastries welcome you in their clear plastic display cases. Patrons just help themselves, lifting each case¡¯s door, and picking their choice of delicacies with pincers. Baguette, pastries, cookies, and other items are priced from RMB 5 to RMB 15.


Coffee, tea, and a thick chocolate can be ordered at the cashier. Freshly-brewed coffee comes in different tastes: Americano, Latte, Blue-mountain, Mocha, and others. They can be served iced and hot. Prices range from RMB 15 to RMB 25 for hot cups, and from RMB 18 to RMB 30 for ice coffees.


After you paid, direct your steps to the back of the bakery where comfortable chairs and clean tables allow you to enjoy some quality time in a well-lit environment. You can watch TV shows, or use the WiFi connection to get online for free.


The ¡°Tous les Jours¡± tea salon is a rendez-vous place for foreign students, so communicating in English with the staff is not a problem. At $3 to $5 a pop, this place beats Starbucks hands down anytime.



What I appreciated:

Americano Coffee


What customers appreciate:

Soothing atmosphere, tasty treats


Tous Les Jours, a Korean bakery known for its beautiful and tasty cakes, recently opened an outlet on Jinshu Jie, on the north side of the square at the Financial Street. Their famous cakes are bound to absolutely melt your mouth.

Some classics include their mango, blueberry, or raspberry cheese mousse cakes. A fairly new special creation is their sweet potato cake, which combines the flavors of creams and sweet potatoes into an icy smooth taste.

Also on offer are fresh cream cakes, chiffon cake, butter cream cake and custom-made special cakes for wedding, birthday, or other celebrations. Medium-sized cakes range from RMB 78-188 depending on the size.

For cake pieces, costs generally hover between RMB 12 to RMB 18.

Although not their main sellers, you can also find coffee, beverages, sandwiches and ice cream here, along with some tables and WIFI for relaxing.

What I appreciate

The cheese mousse cake

What customers appreciate

Various delicious cakes and the comfortable environment

Beijing pictures, Americano Coffee (RMB 15)

Jinmaixiang bakery, situated near Andingmen subway station, is easy to spot from the street. Inside, you will find all kinds of snack food made fresh everyday at low prices. This includes flavored breads, cakes, egg tarts, to name but a few. As one of bakeries near the Earth Altar, Jinmaixiang has quite a few repeat customers who cannot resist its great taste.


When I visited the shop hospitable shop assistant greeted me, and picked out the items I wanted. The bread here are very good, and come in various tastes: Bacon, Cheese, Blueberry, and meat. Prices range from RMB 1.5 to RMB 4.5 each.


A large portion of the store features their cakes, which cost RMB 60 to RMB 100 each. If you just want a slice, they are located near the counter, priced from RMB 6 to RMB 10. According to the shop assistant, the prices here are lower than other bakeries. And I am inclined to agree.


If you're not in a hurry, go up to the second floor's cafe, where you may sit and chat. Buying cup of coffee will cost you RMB 15 to RMB 30.


Although the shop assistants could not speak English, the menu and tags are written in English for foreigners. After 6 p.m., all items get a 20% discount.


What I appreciated:

Marble cheese cake


What customers appreciate:

Low prices, good tastes, 20% discount after 6pm


Located in the northwestern part of Beijing, the Zhongguancun area is known as a crowded mart for high-tech shopping. Since Beijing was awarded the hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games, more and more buildings have been under construction there, and a great number of shops opened their doors in this busy area.


Paris Baguette is located in one of the newly-built local shopping malls, away from the main traffic-jammed roads. This is where local connoisseurs buy their French baguette and pastries.


Delicious-looking breads, cookies, and cakes are displayed in the brightly-lit windows. Surprising fact: according to a (very polite) shop assistant, the Paris Baguette brand actually originated from¡­ South Korea.


The shop offers 5 types of items: French bread, pastry, toasts, doughnuts, and sweet bread. Their prices range from RMB 4 to RMB 15. I was recommended a kind of pastry named Raisins Pastry selling for RMB 7.5. Paninis and sandwiches offered on the glass shelves are priced RMB 12 to RMB 18.


Exquisite cakes are Paris Baguette¡¯s star products: Chocolate cake, Fresh Cream cake, Short cake, and others. Prices range from RMB 70 to RMB 140. Short cakes looked especially tasty, and would sell for RMB 12 to RMB 20. Among the main flavors: green tea, tiramisu, chocolate mousse.


Paris Baguette also offers a Walnut Pound Cake (RMB 60), and a Mango Cheese Cake (RMB 35) shaped in a rectangle.


Because the brand is international, the shop assistants can speak simple English. Delivery service for orders of at least RMB 50 starts at 8 am and goes until 8 pm. The shop offers a sort of a terrace in summer, and a place to eat indoors.


What I appreciated:

Familiar Bread Panini, Strawberry Piece Cake


What customers appreciate:

Authentic taste, enjoyable atmosphere



Jin Feng Cheng Xiang is a well-known bakery chain in Beijing, with several branches in the capital city. They make all kinds of delicious snacks and cakes at reasonable prices. Since I went to a location near schools, I saw mainly students and teachers there.


According to a shop assistant, all snacks, breads and cakes are made fresh on the same day. In the winter time, you may find it a good idea to warm up the food in the microwave there. If you have some time, feel free to watch the bakers do their work.


Prices range from RMB 5 to RMB 15 for each piece. Compared to other bakeries, price here is toward the low end. I personally prefer a light cheese cake (RMB 5). It is made in French style, and heavy on the cheese taste.


In addition, you can get flavored bread here for RMB 2 to RMB 10. And for parties, whole cakes in various styles cost RMB 100 to RMB 500


The shop assistants could not speak much English. But simply point for the item you want to buy, and she'll grab it for you.


What I appreciated:

The cheese cake in French taste at low price


What customers appreciate:

Good taste, freshly made


Honey Bear, named Pao Pao Xiong in Chinese, has opened many outlets in Beijing in recent years. This bakery stands out among the numerous bakeries in Beijing for its amazing egg tart, which I personally love too.


At the entrance, I saw a poster advertising their new Japanese Green Tea Cake, for only RMB 96 during the promotion period. Inside, a large selection of delicious cakes greeted me. The tags in front of each cake had the title, the ingredients, and the price of the item. Unfortunately, they¡¯re not in English. The prices for cakes ranged from RMB 6 to RMB 15, while various flavored breads were sold for RMB 1 to RMB 10.


However, the egg tart is the best selling item here (RMB 12 for 6 pieces). It is absolutely delicious, and not expensive at all. Like every other time I visit Honey Bar, I bought 6 egg tarts to satisfy my cravings.


What I appreciated:

Egg Tart, Japanese Cheese Cake


What customers appreciate:

Egg Tart and cake at reasonable prices


In 1992, the founders of Holiland created their first freshly baked cake in Shenyang in northeastern China. As their success grew, they continued to expand their menu selections adding delicious specialty cakes, theme Cakes, pastries, etc.. Today, Holiland is the top bakery in China. They bake all their food daily using the finest ingredients available.

I went to the beautifully decorated ZiZhuYuan Street location. The Black Forest Cake is a popular choice, which is frosted with cream chocolate and topped with sweet red cherries. The price of RMB 88 is very reasonable for such a delicious cake. For individuals, you can get a section of a cake starting at RMB 5. For parties, Holiland can make large decorative cakes for up to RMB 288.

Though the shop assistants cannot speak English, customers can select their favorites by taking a look at the samples in the counter.

What I appreciate

Black Forest Cake

What customers appreciate

Delicious cakes and good service


Established in the mid-80s, Xinqiao Sapporo Bakery is the first bakery open to customers¡¯ orders. It has become the most famous bakery in Beijing.


The shop stands right next to the northwest exit of the Chongwenmen subway station. You can miss the aroma of cream and flour, and the line of customers choosing their favorite bread. All bread served is sold fresh out of the oven. A croissant is priced at RMB 2.40, a hot dog with tomato sauce RMB 4.50, and a Danish pastry with raisin RMB 4.90.


Customers can also order birthday cakes. Prices are reasonable: for example, a butter cake (23cm/1260g) costs RMB 80; a yoghurt mousse cake (19cm/1050g), RMB 138; a chocolate cake (19cm/1000g), RMB 148.


What customers appreciate

Quality bread and cakes, reasonable prices.


Located at No. 67, Xi San Huan Zhong Lu, Hai Dian District, Beijing, the first Wei Duo Mei Cake Store was established in 1996. It is the largest in Asia.


Wei Duo Mei is rated as one of the ten best brands for cakes in China. Their products include breads, cakes, Chinese and Western-style dim sum, moon cakes, Chinese and Western-style business meals, special coffees, etc.


Wei Duo Mei sticks to selecting best-quality materials. With over 50 shops, the brand is all over Beijing. Shop assistants are polite and enthusiastic.


Wherever you are in Beijing, you can reach a Mei Duo Mei Cake Shop near your dwelling. Very convenient, isn¡¯t it?


When you need a birth cake, just order one from the nearest store, or call the hot line.


What I appreciated

Quality cakes at hand, good service, reasonable prices.

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Beijing Shopping: Near the northwest corner of the Wudaokou metro station, a well-known bakery which also serves coffee and chocolate just opened its doors. Named "Tous Les Jours" in French (Every Day) and Duolezhiri i...