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Holiland is famous for their delicious cakes coming in various tastes: sweet, salty and spicy.


The dried meat floss cake (RMB 3), for instance, is a very fine salty example of the shop¡¯s production. Even people who don¡¯t like cakes at all would love it.


Their birthday cake booking system is quite efficient. You can order in the shop, online or by phone. The minimum size is 9 inches, and there is no limit to the maximum. You can order whatever size you wish.


You can choose your special order in the full range of shapes and styles both online and in the store; round, square, or heart-shaped cakes with flowers, little animals, birthday wishes, and so on.


A 9-inch American style cake costs RMB 90. A fruit cake in the same size is RMB 100. Both cakes in the 10-inch size sell for RMB 110 and RMB 120 respectively. A double-layered cake with a 10-inch base costs about RMB 160.


Special orders can be delivered on the same day. The only exception is cheese cakes which require a 24 hour advance notice.


Customers appreciate:

Great prices, multiple options, yummy taste

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Bread Talk offers various kinds of bread, cakes, muffins, coffee, tea, yoghurt, etc. Bread and muffins cost RMB 5 or more. Prices of coffee and tea range from RMB 8 to RMB 20. Fresh yogurt costs RMB 10.


I could not stop myself going in when I passed by. I bought a piece of mince meat bread. The mince meat which covered the bread was a little bit spicy. The bread itself was very soft, and shaped like a soccer ball.


The shop also takes orders for birthday cakes. Some designed for special occasions were on display, priced at RMB 120 each. An 8-inch cake costs RMB130. A 10-inch costs RMB 160.


Some of the cakes on the menu: Orange Yoghurt, Blueberry Cake, Custard Honeydew, Tiramisu, Fruit Cake, Mango Tango, Cheers Pudding Mousse, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Fanfare, Cheese Cake.


What I appreciated:

Delicious bread


Customers appreciate:

Special cakes, great prices

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Beijing Shopping: Holiland is famous for their delicious cakes coming in various tastes: sweet, salty and spicy.