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A brush pen, ink, paper, and ink stone are indispensable tools for creating graceful Chinese paintings and calligraphy. These ¡°four treasures of the study¡± are also a great gift idea for you to show your special taste in Chinese art.

A shop close to Beijing¡¯s CBD area boasts these four treasures from the most famous areas in China.

The various brush pens displayed look so neat. Their tips are made from sheep, goat, or wolf hair. A sheep's wool brush pen is soft and suitable for writing free hand calligraphy, while a fox hair brush can be used in many ways.

The ink stones are from She county. They are some of the most well-known ink stones in China, and feature a delicate surface, perfect for grinding ink. Even in wintertime, ink contained in this ink stone doesn't freeze.

Piled on the shelves, Xuan paper is special for its beautiful, clean white color, and smooth, soft surface. It easily absorbs water, and is suitable for any style of painting and writing.

The shop owner is a talented artist. He is especially good at painting landscapes on Chinese fans.

When you shop there, you can watch him do a painting on the spot!

What I appreciate:

Quality four treasures of the study for collection

What customers appreciate:

Beautiful gifts, reasonable prices


Chinese brush pens are an easy, fun tool for all kinds of paintings. One shop in Beijing is very convenient for painters and art students alike.


Here you can find a complete line of brush pens, with different textures and sizes for different purposes.


For instance, the large soft hair brushes made of weasel hair are great for applying color, say, to water lily or lotus leaves. Medium-sized hard hair brushes made of goat or sheep hair are easy to control while doing outlines. The small outline brushes are best for very fine work. For other effects, there are horse, squirrel, rabbit, and chicken hair brushes available.


It¡¯s the genuine one-stop shop for brush pens!


The owner, Mr. Zhang, guarantees the quality. He has over 50 years of experience making brush pens. You can be completely worry-free!


For beginning art students in particular, the brush pens make great aids and can improve your strokes. In time, this will lead to masterful painting.


In some cases, Mr. Zhang engraves meaningful messages on the brush handle. These brushes are a lovely gift for anyone interested in Chinese art.


Does it sound like an interesting gift idea for you?

Beijing pictures, Time-Old Tradition

If you are an admirer of Chinese calligraphy, or seen a piece of traditional Chinese painting, you may have wondered what created such beautiful works of art. The answer lies with the brush pen, and its uniqueness which remains a main fixture of Chinese culture.


As one of the oldest and most renowned antique shops in Beijing, Gu Yi Zhai in the Xuanwu District sells a large variety of brush pens. The brush pens range from the size of a small pen to the size of a mop. They can be used for both writing and drawing.


The owner, who spoke to me in short bursts of English, told me that their top quality brush pens were made from weasel hairs. Also of good quality were pens made from goat or rabbit hairs. However, for beginners he would recommend the mixed-hair pen, which is much easier to use. A normal size brush pen sold for RMB 30 to RMB 1000.


In addition to quality brush pens, the shop also offers a variety of Chinese seals all made on site.  Each sold for around RMB 100.


The owner and other 2 shop assistants could speak some English, so communication was not be a problem.



What I appreciate

Beautiful products


What customers appreciate

Wide selection and good service

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Beijing Shopping: A brush pen, ink, paper, and ink stone are indispensable tools for creating graceful Chinese paintings and calligraphy. These "four treasures of the study" are also a great gift idea for you to show y...