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Beijing pictures, Jade Family

Jade is believed to bring happiness and luck for the people, keeps away evil, and good for one's health. With its clear jadeite qualities, Hotan Jade has enjoyed a good reputation since ancient times. Its history can be traced back to 1200 years ago.

Jade Family is a Hotan jade shop, which sells finished jade accessories as well as incomplete jade materials that you can design yourself. From jade necklace and bracelet, to large jade home  adornments, Jade Family carries a large selection of jade merchandises.

The shop owner, Ms Cao, told me their story of jade collection in Xinjiang. She said that the mountains south of Hotan City are called Jade Mountains, and the river beside the Hotan city is called the Jade River. Even today, you can find people picking jade from the river. Only in the Jade river one can find the best quality Jade, but the mountains are still mined for cheap jade product.

She showed me a top-quality jade horse. Even though I know little about jade, I still appreciated its whiteness and brightness. The item is sold at RMB 30,000. Another piece I liked was the ¡°Jade Mountain.¡± It had a shape of a mountain, with three old men standing by pine trees. All these represent longevity in China. It costs RMB 2500.

Jade Family also sells some daily items, like ceramic ware, tobacco bottles, and fingerstalls popular back in the early 20th century.

What I Appreciate:
Quality jade

What Customer Appreciate:
Hotan jade and other antique porcelain

Beijing pictures, DaZeTang

Located in Shijingshan Antique City, DaZeTang is a shop selling old-time porcelain ware. The shop owner, Mr Xie, is a ceramic connoisseur.

I was impressed by Mr Xie's knowledge about porcelain, which he happily shared. He showed me a pair of hat-hangers made around 1912. During that period, workers used Fen Cai, a kind of porcelain coloring skill, to portray the beautiful patterns on the wares. But it was later found that Fen Cai items contained lead. So they adopted the European appliqu¨¦ technique later on. So it¡¯s rare to see a Feng Cai work today. The hat-hangers are sold for RMB 3500.

Mr Xie is also a good storyteller. Almost every ceramic ware in his shop has a story, such as a 700 year old porridge vase. It was made in early Ming Dynasty, and tells the story of Mi Fu, a famous Song dynasty calligrapher. Mi Fu often examined stones and bamboos to find the spirit of calligraphy. And he perfected the stability and tenacity of Chinese characters by studying the growth of nature. The story¡¯s philosophy was: calligraphy training is something beyond calligraphy itself. I interpret as ¡°it is important to cultivate the mood in order to produce good works.¡± The price for the porridge vase was pegged at RMB 3000.

There are a lot of other porcelain wares in the shop Mr Xie would like to share. So if you want to learn more, feel free to pay a visit.

What I appreciate:
porcelain knowledge

What customer appreciate:
porcelain knowledge,  old-time ceramic ware


In the Di¡¯anmen Wai Street, a strong artistic atmosphere emanates from a very attractive shop. Its name: Chuanghengda 102 Art Roomage.


It specializes in clay ceramic works created by folk artists: pottery art, clear clay gold bricks and cricket pots, wood carving works, Dehua porcelain, colored sand & gold foil silk craft pictures, etc.


Through the clean windows, passersby can admire various clay figures which attract them in.


A lofty purpose

The shop owner aims at shouldering the responsibility of promoting traditional Chinese culture, enhancing art, and paying close attention to artworks that are bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. The owner makes great effort to introduce folk art into our spiritual life. He has collected typical and original works of art from folk masters who have succeeded in combining life and artistic creation.


The art selected by the shop is famous for its excellent quality and distinctiveness.


Clay ceramic figures

When clay is infused with ideas, a lifeless matter becomes a pottery with soul. According to the saying, art roots in life but surpasses it. Quite right. Many clay ceramic figures offered by the shop have succeeded in recording villagers¡¯ simple and charmingly naive life vignettes.


The most humorous and impressive clay ceramic work may be this very strong village mother standing with her big feet apart, bulging her belly. A little boy is standing in front of her, raising his head and sucking on one of her breasts; another little boy is standing on the mother¡¯s buttocks, sucking on the other breast. The mother opens her big mouth, laughing brightly and enjoying the happiness of feeding her children. The whole scene cannot but bring a smile on your face.


Another interesting image features a villager sitting cross-legged on the ground, playing a two-stringed musical instrument, opening a big mouth with his chin up, and singing heartily as if he is the only one on Earth.


Clay ceramic works are the primary items carried by the shop. They brim with local flavor, and immerse their viewers into a simple and unadorned gentle mood.


Others items

Others works of art such as cricket pots, wood carving works, Dehua porcelain, etc. are equally attractive.



Most of the clay ceramic works cost RMB 1000 to RMB 2000. According to the shop owner, customers usually can benefit from a slight discount.


What I appreciated

Agreeable shopping environment, strong artistic atmosphere, fascinating works of art with local characteristics.

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Beijing Shopping: Jade is believed to bring happiness and luck for the people, keeps away evil, and good for one's health. With its clear jadeite qualities, Hotan Jade has enjoyed a good reputation since ancient times....