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When it comes to choosing a gift to wrap up your tour in Beijing, what shall you pick? A Chinese painting, an embroidery,  or a celadon teapot? Actually, a shop named China Happy Chopsticks offer engraved chopsticks that are excellent souvenirs for tourists.

Their chopsticks  are engraved with designs popular with foreign patrons. Designs such as poems, famous peoples, Beijing landscapes, pagodas, and even Beijing opera masks. Imagine how you and your friends will have a lively conversation about your trip to China, when they see your chopsticks engraved with such unique Chinese designs.

If you¡¯re buying these gifts, you can customize your order. It's really a good idea to engrave your birth date or zodiac sign on a pair of chopsticks,

The shop guarantees quality and delivery. The shop assistants can speak a little English, so communication shouldn¡¯t be a problem.


What I appreciate

Whimsical designs, sexy prices

What costumers appreciate

Artistic chopsticks, affordable prices


Opposite of Temple of Heaven¡¯s east gate, you can see many shops selling traditional handicrafts in the Hongqiao Market. One stall, called Dajing Pottery caught my attention, as it had such beautiful potteries displayed on the shelves.

At first glance, I thought the items were wood-carvings, as the designs were so vivid. Each piece of pottery, made in the Henan Province, had its own unique design. The owner of this stall told me that they only sell their own brand of Dajing pottery, renowned for its completely hand wrought process. It combines the art of modeling, painting and carving together. Then it¡¯s fired at 1300 degrees Celsius, so pottery can last long time without any change in the pattern or color.

I especially like the one pottery which depicted a city bustling with people walking on the bridge. The design is based on a famous painting call the Scroll of Pure Brightness Festival on the River.

Prices of potteries range from RMB 200 to RMB 1000.

Besides pottery, the stall also offers some other handicrafts like fans, chopsticks, wood carvings, and bronze carvings.

What I appreciate:
Completely hand-made potteries with fine workmanship

What customers appreciate:
Unique patterns on the potteries, wide choices of styles


Most chopsticks are plain, both in color and in shape. But for parties and occasions when you want to bring out "the good china", YunHong offers just the right matching chopsticks.


One of a dozen outlets in Beijing, the YunHong shop in DaShiLar has a large selection of sandalwood and china chopsticks decorated with Peking opera masks, animals, classic novel figures, auspicious flowers, and much more.


Their Peking opera series, my personal favorite, comes with five pairs of chopsticks and five chopstick holders for RMB 130. Each pair has a special opera mask engraved in detail.


Also popular are the 4 Classics Series (RMB 150), with designs from the most famous novels in ancient China. Although 3 are unknown in the west, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms should ring a bell for video game players.  


Other products included engraved sandalwood bowls and spoons, all perfect to make your table set a little bit of Chinese.


Prices generally start at RMB 58 for chopsticks and accessories. The shop assistants speak a little English, and they are quite friendly. They told me that foreign tourists love their chopsticks as gifts during their tour in Beijing.



What I appreciate

Chinese classic "Journey to the West" chopsticks


What customers appreciate

Beautiful chopsticks and great prices


When you eat out in Beijing, you might¡¯ve noticed some restaurants gives you very ornate chopsticks to use for your meals. If you ever want to have some to go with your china back home, your best bet is Yun Hong Chopsticks. As one of the most famous chopsticks retailer in China, Yun Hong has numerous outlets, one of which is on Wangfujing Street. Here you can look through a vast array of chopsticks to find just the right design and material.

I bought a set of chopsticks for a friend who was getting married, The bamboo chopstick, in its original form with no designs, fits his taste perfectly. It also came with a chopsticks holder and a nice box for gift-wrapping. You can also buy the whole set (for 10 people).This simple package costs RMB 18 for 10 pairs.

Prices vary from the style and material of the chopsticks. Simple ones cost around 20 RMB for 10 pairs, while a single pair of detailed engraved chopsticks can cost 70 RMB. The assistants can speak basic English, so simple conversation is no problem.

What I appreciate:
Reasonable prices

What customers appreciate:
Large selection of chopsticks

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Beijing Shopping: Chopsticks in Happy China are engraved with designs popular with foreign patrons. Some of these themes include poems, famous peoples, Beijing landscapes, pagodas, and even Beijing opera masks.