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Neiliansheng Shoeshop is located at Dashilar, a well-known old commercial street in Beijing. Neiliansheng is one of the China¡¯s time-honored brands. Many famous Chinese leaders, such as Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, had their feet shoed in Neiliansheng.


A bit history

Neiliansheng was established by high-ranking official Zhao Ting, and by General Ding in 1853 (Qing Dynasty). The two partners raised ten thousand taels of silver, and opened the shoeshop. The name Neiliansheng means that wearing these shoes one could get promoted continuously three levels at the Qing imperial court.


Neiliansheng shoes are exquisitely made from superior materials, and famous at home and abroad for their comfort and durability. The shoemaker has won many awards in competitions.


Shopping at Neiliansheng

In its current incarnation, Neiliansheng is a modern shop with traditional Chinese architecture features.


Outside of the three-storey building, you can see two big black-colored plaques with three golden Chinese characters Neiliansheng are hung above outside the first and the second floors separately.


When you enter the shop, you can see another huge black plaque with seven golden Chinese characters meaning ¡®the First Cloth Shoe Shop in China¡¯.


On the first floor, handmade cloth shoes, children¡¯s shoes, slippers and high-grade leather shoes are on display. On the right behind the entrance, there is a showcase in which the shoes Chinese leaders wore are on show.


Neiliansheng fashion cloth shoes, brand cloth shoes, and children¡¯s shoes series are sold on the second floor. In addition, the shop features an exhibition hall with a theme ¡°Celebrities and Cloth Shoes¡±.


The third floor is reserved to leather shoes, brand leather shoes and top hats.



A pair of Neiliansheng cloth shoes costs RMB 148 ~ 325; a pair of Neiliansheng handmade men¡¯s leather shoes costs RMB 898.


What customers appreciate

According to the shop assistants I talked to, the shop is visited from time to time by foreign clients. They appreciate the cloth shoes with traditional designs and historical reputation. They often buy cloth shoes as souvenirs or gifts as well.


Teemix is a Chinese brand which creates shoes and bags for boys and girls in their teens. Their style is casual. Basic models include loafers, sneakers, and slip-ons.


Cow hide and sheepskin are the main raw material used in their products. Girls¡¯ shoes offer decorative patterns like the American flag and Chinese totems. Some bear metal accessories set with shiny synthetic crystals. According to a high-school girl I talked to in the shop, Teemix shoes look good with jeans. Boys¡¯ shoes are simpler. Made in cow hide, they do not bear any decorative patterns.


Teemix also offer bags made of cloth and neoprene, backpacks, tote bags, and duffel bags.


Prices for girls¡¯ shoes range from RMB 300 to RMB 500; boys¡¯ shoes RMB 400-600, bags RMB 200-400.



What I appreciated:

Bags of a good quality


Customers appreciate:

Shoes which look great with jeans



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Beijing Shopping: Neiliansheng, the Most Famous and Historic Shoeshop in China.