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Located within the famous Silk Street Market, Mood UK is an ultra-chic boutique where you can find good-looking party dresses without having to break the bank.

The focal point is the shelf built into the wall, on which are displayed retro-silk handbags (RMB 320) reminiscent of the vintage Shanghai style, and glittery gold leather handbags (RMB 480). Other accessories available include glass and silver jewelry.

The ready-to-wear evening dress selection features a touch of traditional Chinese clothing chic (starting from RMB 1,500), and is designed by the owner, Cindy Ma, who hails from Hong Kong and runs another two Mood UK stores in both Hong Kong and London.

Cindy also custom tailors dresses and handpicks items from a variety of fashion collections from Japan and Korea. She speaks very good English, so just let her know your favorite design: she¡¯ll make your chic dream come true.

What I appreciate

The glittery gold leather handbag

What customers appreciate

The very traditional Chinese clothing and a variety of fashion accessories


Located on LiangMaQiao Road, Senli and Frye offers tailoring service for men and women. Whether you like traditional Saville Row or avant-garde Dior Homme styling, their expert tailors can make it happen. The customers say Senli and Frye can definitely make their vision turn into reality.

One important aspect of Senli and Frye¡¯s tailors is their attention to detail. They do not overlook any particulars, even small things like button-holes on the collar. They also only use high quality materials rarely seen at other tailor shops in Beijing.

The price for business suits starts at RMB 1,800, which includes fabric cost. But a dedicate business suit could cost upwards of RMB 12,000. Cashmere coats will cost around RMB 2,000, with casual blazers and wool overcoats a bit less, as low as RMB 800 for some designs. Of course, you can bring your own fabric as well.

With many foreign patrons, Senli and Frye has translators to help you consult with the tailor on fit and style. So don't worry about the language barrier.

What I appreciate

Very nice cashmere coats

What customers appreciate

Stylish custom clothing with good stitching


Septwolves is a domestic apparel brand, catering to middle and upper-middle class men. The brand enjoys a very good reputation among Beijing white-collared folks for its refined design and quality.


The outlet I visited near the middle North 3rd Ring was having a 20% sale on many designs.  Inside, a hospitable shop assistant who speaks a little English greeted me. She said Septwolves designs male apparel in a modern, western style. They feature deep hues, such as black, grey, blue, deep red, or deep green. All apparels come from the Fujian province.


You will find various cotton sweaters near the entrance, while business suits, shirts, and scarves lie further inside. With the winter coming, autumn sweaters are sold at 20% discount. A few male customers were trying on some clothes recommended by the shop assistant. So I took a close look at one of those sweaters. It is a grey-blue cotton sweater priced at RMB 465. The stitching is very nice, and the garment felt soft and light.


Prices for the sweaters range from RMB 300 to RMB 600 after 20% discounts. The shirts and scarves were not on sale. Scarf prices range from RMB 99 to RMB 199, while shirts cost RMB 200 to 400.


What I appreciated:

A deep blue scarf


What customers appreciate:

Famous brand, good quality


Among the largest cities in the world, Beijing offers some of the most affordable places to get a quality tailored suit. Many of these tailor shops exist at markets throughout Beijing.

The Alice My Tailor shop is one of the more reputable tailors, while offering reasonable prices up front. Located in the Ya Xiu Sanlitun Market, Alice My Tailor is in stall #3186 on the third floor. It offers made to order modern-style tailored suits for men and women. Their suits are made from the quality wool blends, cut and stitched to your specific shape. All for only RMB 800. Tailored shirts costs RMB 150 to RMB 200 for those made in quality fabrics.

The shop assistants speak basic English. The tailoring usually takes a week, although they can rush it in 3-4 days if you¡¯re really short on time. So try to schedule the tailoring early if at all possible.

What I appreciate

Great tailored business suits

What customers appreciate

Stylish custom clothing with good stitching


If you are looking for sports apparel, chances are YaXi will have exactly what you need. The YaXin Sports shop on DongSi North Street is a wonderful place to shop for men and women sports apparel by the top brands in the industry like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and more.

The mens Nike Air Max 97 is the currently the store¡¯s best seller. As an update on the classic 1997 sneaker, the Air Max 97 has full length visible air cushioning and all the styling from the original 80's design. Despite the hefty price tag of RMB 1380, it is still much cheaper than the same shoes in UK.

The price for the products there range from RMB 300 to RMB 3000. Though the shop assistants cannot speak English, you should be familiar with all the items on display.

What I appreciate

A large selection orderly displayed

What customers appreciate

A large selection, famous brands

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Beijing Shopping: Located within the famous Silk Street Market, Mood UK is an ultra-chic boutique where you can find good-looking party dresses without having to break the bank.